Apr 17, 2012
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So it begins! I have taken over the role as the new Liverpool FC manager, I hope to bring success to liverpool like it had back in the 80s by winning the league, the domestic cups and more importantly bringing back home.
The Champions league trophy
First of all, as its only my first season and i don't really see myself being a premier league title contender, i have decided i will just focus in the Europa League, that will be my main priority this season!

In the Premier League i aim for a top 4 finish, so i can get into the champions league next season and compete to bring our Champions League Trophy back home to Anfield.

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So here i am as the new Liverpool FC manager, taking over from where Brendon Rogers left off!
I will also be playing in FM Classic to speed the process up abit!

View attachment 370667As you can see, my Transfer budget is terrible, i don't have a single penny to spend this transfer window
So im going to have to try and offload a few players, and maybe bring a few loans in to help the squad progress through the season!

This is is more off a pilot post. If i get a good respond i will keep doing it with regular updates!

Thanks for reading!

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July 2012 Review

Sparta Prague 5-0 Liverpool

In all fairness this result was before i took charge at Liverpool, so i have nothing to say here.

Ceske Budejovice 0-2 Liverpool
Luis Suarez (7)
Jamie Carragher (88)

This was my first offical game in charge, and it ended in a 2-0 win, with a goal from Luis Suarez and from the legend Jamie Carragher grabbing us the win!



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August 2012 Review

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A good victory here for the team in the Europa League 3rd Qual 1st leg, and hopefully when we can play them away we can finish them off!

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What can i say? We bet them the same score as last time, with Stevie G grabbing 2 goals once again, they were just outclassed!

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Opening day in the premier league, where we came up against a decent Reading side, and we did really well this game, with our centre back Daniel Agger grabbing 2 and Gerrard once again getting on the score sheet, we were the deserved winners here!

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I don't know why, but he just couldn't seem to create many chances, but when we did its a good job we took them or we would of come out with a loss! Let's just take them to Anfield and show them who's boss!

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Now i didn't expect to win this one, but when we had a chance which it the post from the kick off i knew Manchester United would have to perform, which they didn't do. Suarez once again on the scoresheet.

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Well we managed to win them this time at Anfield, and it was only a 1-0 win, but ill take that if it puts me in the Europa League Group Stages, and its Suarez who scored for us again!

Europa League Group:

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I would say we got one of the easier groups, but if want to come top, we got to get past Levante which we should do in all honesty.

View attachment 370728Ill take that any day of the week.



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Player of the month

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Steven Gerrard


Luis Suarez

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Decided im not going to continue with this as im not really enjoying it, but im going to do another team in a lower division!
Just a little tip, play the game for six months on the save before starting a story then you will know if you are going to make it long term
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September 2012 Review

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Should of come away with the win here! Can't beleive they equalized in the 87th min.

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Decent win here in the Europa League beating the only team who's going to challenge us really!

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A good win here over Newcastle, Danny Sturridge picking up 2 goals. Was a bit disappointed to concede 2 goals in 4 mins though, but we got the win!

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Missing Suarez and Coutinho in this game due to injury, but i think we need really well to get a draw against Chelsea.

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A good win over Spurs, we was still missing Suarez, but we did have coutinho in this game even though he wasn't 100% fit!

League Table

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Player of the month

View attachment 371180Daniel Sturridge

Decided to come back to this save, as my fc halifax one got corrupted!

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October 2013 Review

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Probably should of won this, but im not too dissappointed as it got us a vital point in the group stage.

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I have nothing specific to say right now

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Wow, just wow! 6-0! Gerrard with 5 goals, what a legend and what a beast, Southampton just didn't want to know what hit them.

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I wasn't too happy that we had to go to extra time against Blackburn who are in the championship, but we got the win which is what matters.

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A good performance in the Europa League with Danny Sturridge netting 2 and Luis Suarez netting 1, i wasn't too happy that we conceded in the 90th min though.

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A good strong showing in the league, unfortunately Coutinho and Carragher got injured, but i don't think its anything too serious!

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We are through to the Capital One Cup Quarter Finals as Charles N'Zogbia gets his first Liverpool goal against his former club!

League Table

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Europa League Table

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Player of the month

Steven Gerrard
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November 2012 Review

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Newcastle were quite a dirty side today, all these yellows, an someone sent off, and we still couldn't come away with the win!

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A good win away from home in Europe.

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I was pretty happy with this 4 - 2 win away from home, as our away performances haven't been the best!

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An ok draw i guess against man city, we played well to say they are top of the league!

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A win away from home here against qpr, Charle N'Zogbia gets on the scoresheet for the second time in his career at Anfield

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It was 50/50 possession, it could of gone either way, but if even give Luis Suarez a tiny bit of space, then your in danger!

League Table

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Europa League Table

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Player of the month
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Luis Suarez​
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December 2012 Review

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We march on into the Capital One Cup Semi Finals, where we will come up against Manchester United!

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Our final Europa League group stage game ended in a 2-1 win to us, with Suarez scoring both off our goals! In the first knockout round we will play Marseille!

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Needed a win against Arsenal in the race for 3rd place! My aim is to finish 3rd, but Arsenal are hot on our trail!

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We triumphed in the Merseyside Derby winning 3-0, with a goal from Charles N'Zogbia and two goals from the legend Stevie G.

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A 1-1 draw to Wigan isn't really anything to be happy about, but a point is a point, and thats the main thing we need at the moment to remain in 3rd place!

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Quite happy with this win, even more happy to see Assaidi on the score sheet, ive been playing him a bit recently as Suarez is Injured, and he has done pretty well!

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7 goals in one game, unfortunately we didn't score them all! But we did still come away with a 4-3 victory over Stoke away from home.

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I have nothing specific to say right now.

League table

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We've broken away from Arsenal a bit now but it won't take much for them to come back!

Europa League Table

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Player Of The Month

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Oussama Assaidi
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This month we played Manchester United three times and bet them all three times! We finally picked up our first League loss to Chelsea, but i had to rest a few players, we got through to the capital one cup final where we will play Fulham! And our FA CUP and Europa League hopes are still going aswel!

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Second in the league isn't bad going, but if Man city win their game in hand they will go above us!

League Table

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Player off the month

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Fabio Borini​