"The Red Bulls of Paris"


Jul 6, 2022
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Hello virtual coaches and writers. Today we will start what may be the first experiment of its kind in the Football Manager environment. A very artistic narrative awaits us, in which I will act as an editor, mentor and data provider, and the famous chat that has flooded the YouTube trends of any country will provide the creative component.

For these purposes, we will have a fictional scenario. I will use an update that creates a new club in the French pyramid - Red Bull Paris.

It has some additions described by its authors like this:
-Improved finances and infrastructure.
-New training centre in 2023 and new stadium (Red Bull Arena) in 2025.
-Red Bull staff (Wenger, Henry, ...)
-Affiliation with other Red Bulls clubs.

Make yourself comfortable, and I hope you'll love it. Let's go.

It was a warm spring day in Nagoya, Japan. Kazuhiro Kimura stood nervously in the auditorium, surrounded by his fellow football coaches and students. They were all gathered to receive their licenses, marking the end of their studies at the football coaching school.

As Kazuhiro looked around the room, he couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. He had always been passionate about football, and the opportunity to study coaching had been a dream come true.

Suddenly, the auditorium doors opened, and a tall, distinguished-looking man walked in. Kazuhiro's heart skipped a beat as he recognized the man as Arsene Wenger, one of the star guest teachers at the school and a legendary football manager.

Wenger approached the stage and began to speak, his deep, gravelly voice echoing throughout the room. "Congratulations to all of you on earning your licenses," he said, a warm smile on his face. "You have worked hard and dedicated yourselves to the beautiful game, and I am confident that each and every one of you has the potential to make a positive impact in the world of football."

As Wenger finished his speech, the audience erupted into applause. Kazuhiro couldn't believe he was in the same room as one of his idols.

After the ceremony was over, Kazuhiro approached Wenger and introduced himself. "I'm Kazuhiro Kimura," he said, bowing politely. "It's an honour to meet you, sir."

Wenger smiled and shook Kazuhiro's hand. "The pleasure is mine, Kazuhiro," he said. "I have been impressed by your dedication and passion during your time at this school, and I know firsthand how much potential you have as a coach. That's why I have a proposition for you."

Kazuhiro's heart raced. Could it be that Wenger was offering him a job?

As if reading Kazuhiro's mind, Wenger continued. "I am the chairman of RB Paris, a new satellite club of Red Bull in France. We are looking to establish ourselves as a top club in the French league, and I believe you have the skills and potential to help us achieve that goal. Will you join me as a coach at RB Paris?"

Kazuhiro was thrilled at the opportunity. He knew that working under Wenger at a club backed by the Red Bull organization was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he didn't hesitate for a second before accepting the offer.

As they walked out of the auditorium, Wenger turned to Kazuhiro with a severe expression. "I know this will be a challenging journey, Kazuhiro," he said. "But I have faith in you, and I believe that together, we can turn RB Paris into a force to be reckoned with. We’ll send you a ticket soon."

Kazuhiro nodded, determined to make the most of this opportunity. He knew it would take hard work and dedication, but he was ready to take on the challenge. He was a coach at RB Paris, and he was determined to make his mark on the world of football.


In just a few short days, Kazuhiro found himself back in Paris, the city of his childhood. As he gazed out the window of the plane at the familiar landmarks passing by, memories of his time in Paris flooded back to him. He remembered the sights and sounds of the bustling city, the taste of freshly baked bread, and the warmth of the summer sun on his skin.

But as Kazuhiro stepped off the plane and onto the bustling streets of Paris, he was struck by how much had changed since he had left. The city was still the same, but Kazuhiro was no longer the wide-eyed child he had once been. He was a man now, with a newfound purpose and determination.

As Kazuhiro made his way to the office of RB Paris, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and nervousness building inside of him. This was it - the place he wanted to be.

Kazuhiro stepped through the office doors, and he was greeted by Arsene Wenger and legendary ex-football player Thierry Henry, both of whom were board members at RB Paris.

"Welcome to RB Paris, Kazuhiro," Wenger said warmly. "We are thrilled to have you on board."

Henry, tall and fit with a friendly ironic smile, shook Kazuhiro's hand and greeted him warmly. "It's great to have you here, Kazuhiro," he said. "We have big plans for this club, and we believe you are the right man."

Kazuhiro was taken aback by their confidence in him. "Thank you, sirs," he said, bowing politely. "I am honoured to be given this opportunity."

Wenger nodded, his expression serious. "We have big plans for RB Paris, Kazuhiro," he said. "Our goal is to build a team that can reach the French elite in the next 3 to 5 seasons and to eventually compete with the likes of PSG and become a top club in Europe. Not less."

Kazuhiro was impressed. "Those are some very ambitious goals," he said. "But I believe in them if you are, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to help us achieve them."

Henry chuckled and clapped Kazuhiro on the back. "That's the spirit, Kazuhiro," he said. "We knew you were the right man for the job."

Kazuhiro's eyes narrowed as he realized something. "Wait a minute," he said. "Who is the head coach right now?"

Wenger and Henry burst into laughter, and Henry shouted, "That's you, man!"

Kazuhiro had always dreamed of being a head coach, and now, against all odds, he had been given the opportunity.

As Wenger and Henry's laughter died down, Wenger became serious once again. "I do not doubt you are ready for this challenge, Kazuhiro," he said. "I have seen your dedication and passion for the game, and I believe in your potential to lead this club. And when I said to lead the club, I mean to greatness."

Kazuhiro nodded, his resolve firm. "I won't let you down, sir," he said. More to himself.
Kazuhiro Kimura sat at his desk, flipping through the pages of the team roster. He had been given the task of building a competitive football team, and he was determined to succeed.

The first player on the list was Didier Desprez, a young goalkeeper with a balanced personality and strong potential. Germain Sanou, another goalkeeper, was an experienced player with a somewhat sporting personality.

In defence, Kazuhiro saw a mix of young and experienced players, including Kevin Badeau, Amadou Seydi, Jordy Kaloukadilandi, Hamadou Karamoko, and Edouard Daillet. Each had its own strengths and personalities, from the balanced Badeau to the reasonably determined Florian Dexet.

In midfield, Kazuhiro found a diverse group of players, including Moussa Diarra, Eden Massouema, Bakari Camara, Randi Goteni, Mourad Louzif, Nuno Valente, Manoubi Haddad, and Rachid Abbassi. Some were more defensive-minded, like Diarra and Massouema, while others, like Haddad and Abbassi, were more attacking.

Finally, Kazuhiro turned to the forwards, where he saw a mix of young and seasoned players, including Yannick N'Djeng, Damien Anziani, and Lassana BADJI. Each had their own unique skill set and personality, and Kazuhiro knew he would have to work with each of them to bring out their full potential.

As he closed the roster, Kazuhiro couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. He had a talented group of players at his disposal, and he knew that with hard work and dedication, they could achieve great things together.

Kazuhiro sat at his desk; his mind raced with all the tasks he needed to complete. He knew that building a successful team would require not only talented players but also a strong support staff. He had to hire at least eight coaches, eight scouts, and four medical staff.

While he was deep in thought, Thierry Henry walked into his office. "Hey Kazuhiro," Henry said, sitting across from him. "I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but I just wanted to check in and see if there's anything I can do to help."

Kazuhiro smiled at the offer. "Thanks, Thierry. I appreciate it. I was actually just thinking about the stuff I need to hire. I know we have a lot of work to do, and I want to ensure we have the best team possible."

Henry nodded. "Absolutely. We're all in this together. I'm here to help in any way I can, whether it's as a coach or just offering advice. I want this club to succeed just as much as you do."

Kazuhiro was grateful for Henry's support. He knew that having the legendary ex-footballer on his side would be invaluable as he worked to build the team.

As they talked, Kazuhiro couldn't help but wonder how long Henry would be involved with the club. He knew that Henry had a lot of other commitments, and he was curious if he could stick around as both coach and director for the long term.

But Kazuhiro knew that he couldn't worry about that right now. He had to focus on the present and do everything he could to make sure the team was successful. With Henry by his side, he felt confident that they could achieve great things together.

The biggest problem so far is a scouting team, where the newly hired Manager found the lonely legendary David Trezeguet as a Chief scout.

Kazuhiro was excited to have Jean Tigana join the team as Director of football. He knew that Tigana was a former professional footballer and manager, with a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to the club.

As the pre-season training got underway, Kazuhiro worked closely with Tigana and the rest of the coaching staff to prepare the team for the upcoming season. They spent long hours on the training pitch, working on tactics and drills, and Kazuhiro was impressed by the dedication and commitment of his players.

But despite the hard work, Kazuhiro couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. He knew that they needed to bring in more top talent if they were going to compete even in this league..

So he and the scouting department set to work, scouring the transfer market for the best players available. They brought in several key signings, including a few big-name players from top clubs around the world.

With the team taking shape, Kazuhiro was confident that they were on the right track. He knew that it would be a tough season, but he was determined to make RB Paris a force to be reckoned with.

“Friendly: RB Paris in disappointing collapse” by footmercato.net

RB Paris and Sparta Prague faced off in their first friendly match of the season, with the Czech side ultimately coming out on top with a 3-2 victory.
The match got off to a slow start, with both teams feeling each other out in the opening stages. However, Sparta Prague made their presence known in the 33rd minute when Jakub Jankto scored a well-placed shot to give his team the lead.
RB Paris tried to respond and pressured Sparta Prague for the rest of the half but were unable to find the back of the net.
The second half saw RB Paris come out with renewed energy, and they were finally able to equalize in the 86th minute, thanks to a goal from Luderic Etonde.
The team's momentum was short-lived, however, as Sparta Prague struck back just two minutes later through Randi Goteni to take the lead once again.
But RB Paris refused to go down easily and equalized again in the 92nd minute through Jakub Jankto's second goal of the match.
Unfortunately, it was not to be for RB Paris as Sparta Prague secured the win in the 96th minute with a goal from Vit Prosek.
Despite the loss, RB Paris can take some positives from the match. They dominated possession for much of the game, finishing with a 56% to 44% advantage, and had decent shots on goal, finishing with 13 to Sparta Prague's 19.
It was a harsh lesson for RB Paris, but one that will serve them well as they look to improve and compete in the upcoming season.
"RB Paris held to draw by Quevilly in pre-season friendly"
Quevilly 1 - 1 RB Paris
Competition: Friendly

RB Paris had to settle for a draw against Quevilly in their latest pre-season friendly. Ludéric Etonde scored for RB Paris in the 68th minute, but Quevilly equalized late in the game to secure the draw. The result will no doubt be a disappointment for RB Paris, who will look to improve their performance in their next friendly.

"Bordeaux edges out RB Paris in pre-season showdown"
Bordeaux 3 - 2 RB Paris
Competition: Friendly

RB Paris fell just short against Bordeaux in a closely contested pre-season friendly. Moustapha Cissé and Fantamady Diarra both scored for RB Paris, but Bordeaux managed to find the back of the net three times to secure the win. Despite the loss, RB Paris will take away valuable lessons from the match as they continue to prepare for the upcoming season.

"Lyon too strong for RB Paris in pre-season friendly"
Lyon 1 - 3 RB Paris
Competition: Friendly

RB Paris suffered a defeat at the hands of Lyon in their latest pre-season friendly. Fantamady Diarra scored for RB Paris, but Lyon proved to be too strong, scoring three times to secure the win. While the result will no doubt be disappointing for RB Paris, they will look to learn from the match and improve their performance in future friendlies.

"RB Paris falls to Vitesse in disappointing home defeat"
RB Paris 0 - 3 Vitesse
Competition: Friendly
RB Paris suffered a 0-3 defeat at the hands of Vitesse in their latest friendly match at the Stade Charléty. Despite a strong start, the home side were unable to find the back of the net, with Vitesse taking control of the match in the second half and securing their victory with three well-placed goals. It was a disappointing result for Kazuhiro Kimura's side, who will look to bounce back in their next friendly against Venezia.

"Venezia proves too strong for RB Paris in high-scoring friendly"
RB Paris 1 - 4 Venezia
Competition: Friendly
RB Paris suffered a 1-4 defeat at the hands of Venezia in their latest friendly match at the Stade Charléty. The home side started strong and took the lead early on through Ruben Kokolo, but were unable to maintain their momentum as Venezia fought back with four unanswered goals. It was a tough match for Kazuhiro Kimura's side, who will look to regroup and improve ahead of the start of the season.

As Kazuhiro read through the reports of RB Paris' pre-season matches, he couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment. Despite facing strong opposition, the team had lost every single game, struggling to find their footing as a cohesive unit.

Kazuhiro knew that there was still work to be done before the start of the season, and he was determined to turn things around. He had full faith in the players at his disposal, but he knew that they needed time to gel and develop their understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses.

One bright spot for Kazuhiro was the work of David Trezeguet, the club's head of scouts. Trezeguet had done a fantastic job in the transfer market, bringing in a number of talented players on free transfers and loan deals. Among these was Bryan Goncalves, a central defender who Kazuhiro had high hopes for. Goncalves had impressed at his previous club, and Kazuhiro believed that he had the potential to become a leader in the RB Paris defence.

However, Kazuhiro was still concerned about the team's striking options. The club had struggled to find a reliable goalscorer, and Kazuhiro was considering dipping into the club's affiliate clubs to see if there were any promising young talents who could be brought in to bolster the team's attacking threat.

Overall, Kazuhiro knew that there was still a long way to go before RB Paris would be able to compete with the top teams in the league. But he was confident that with hard work and determination, the team could improve and make a name for themselves in the French football scene.
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Kazuhiro was pleased with the acquisition of Zemzeni, as he had been tracking the young midfielder for some time. Zemzeni had impressed Kazuhiro with his skill and vision on the pitch, and he believed that he had the potential to be a key player for RB Paris.

As the transfer window almost closed, Kazuhiro was excited to see what the season had in store. He knew that it would be a challenging journey, but he was determined to lead his team to success. He knew that with hard work and dedication, anything was possible.

Kazuhiro couldn't wait to see his new team take the pitch, and he was confident that with Zemzeni in the lineup, they had the talent and potential to make a real impact in the French league. He was ready to do whatever it took to turn RB Paris into a top club, and he was determined to make his mark on the world of football.

Arsene Wenger and Kazuhiro Kimura sat in the conference room, discussing the plan for the future of RB Paris. "We need to be realistic about our goals," said Wenger. "We can't expect to compete with the likes of PSG overnight. But with hard work and dedication, I believe we can build a solid foundation for the club and eventually reach the French elite."

Kazuhiro nodded in agreement. "I agree, sir. We need to focus on building a strong team and establishing ourselves in the French league. That's why I think it's important to set our sights on promotion to League 2 this season. With the talent we have on the team, I think we have a good chance of achieving that goal."

Wenger smiled. "I agree. And once we reach League 2, we can start building our youth academy and developing our own players with the help of our affiliated clubs. We need to focus on sustainability and long-term success, not just short-term victories."

Kazuhiro nodded. "I understand, sir. And I'm confident that with the right plan in place, we can achieve our goals and become a top club in Europe."

"I have no doubt about that, Kazuhiro," said Wenger. "With your dedication and passion for the game, I have no doubt that you will lead RB Paris to great things. Let's get to work and make it happen."

“RB Paris Makes Strong Comeback with Win Against”
RB Paris 1 - 0 US Avranches
Competition: Championnat National
After a string of tough losses in friendly matches, RB Paris finally secured their first victory of the season against US Avranches. It wasn't an easy win, as the match remained scoreless until the 20th minute when Fantamady Diarra converted a penalty kick to give RB Paris the lead. Despite intense pressure from Avranches, RB Paris' defense held strong and they were able to hold onto the 1-0 lead until the final whistle.

RB Paris Keeps the Momentum Going with Victory Over USL Dunkerque
USL Dunkerque 1 - 2 RB Paris
Competition: Championnat National
Building on their win against Avranches, RB Paris earned another victory against USL Dunkerque. It was a close match, with both teams fighting for control of the ball. RB Paris took the lead in the 84th minute with a penalty kick from Nuno Valente, but Dunkerque equalized just a few minutes later. However, RB Paris didn't let the setback get them down and managed to score the winning goal in the final minutes of the match.

“RB Paris Dominates FC Versailles 78 in Convincing Win”
RB Paris 1 - 0 FC Versailles 78
Competition: Championnat National
RB Paris continued their winning streak with a dominant performance against FC Versailles 78. Despite a tough defensive effort from Versailles, RB Paris was able to break through in the 73rd minute with a goal from Nuno Valente. From there, they controlled the match and kept Versailles at bay, earning a well-deserved 1-0 victory.

“RB Paris and Red Star Play to a Draw in High-Stakes Match”
Red Star 0 - 0 RB Paris
Competition: Championnat National
In a closely contested match against Red Star, RB Paris was unable to find the back of the net and the match ended in a scoreless draw. Both teams had their chances, but ultimately neither was able to capitalize and the match ended in a tense stalemate.

“RB Paris Cruises to Victory Over Villefranche”
Villefranche 0 - 3 RB Paris
Competition: Championnat National
RB Paris rounded out the month with a convincing win over Villefranche. They got off to a strong start with a penalty kick from Fantamady Diarra in the 4th minute and followed it up with two quick goals from Moataz Zemzemi and Manoubi Haddad. Villefranche fought hard, but they were unable to break through RB Paris' defense and the match ended with a decisive 3-0 victory for the home team.

Thierry Henry approached Kazuhiro after the game, a triumphant smile on his face. "That was a great victory, Kazuhiro," he said. "I think it's a real breakthrough for the team. They're starting to believe in you, not just in me or Arsene."

Kazuhiro nodded, a stoic expression on his face. "I am pleased," he said. "

Henry chuckled. "Well, I think it's safe to say that you've got the team on track. And with the new signing of Moataz Zemzeni, we've got even more firepower in attack. It's going to be an exciting season."

Kazuhiro nodded again, his determination clear. "We will not rest until we have achieved our goal of promotion to League 2. And then, we will begin the real race to the top."

Henry clapped Kazuhiro on the back. "I do not doubt that you'll lead this team to greatness, my friend. Now let's go celebrate with the rest of the squad."

As the two men walked off the pitch, Kazuhiro couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.
"Concarneau shocks Paris with 2-1 win"
Concarneau 2-1 Paris
Competition: Championnat National​
Paris suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of Concarneau in a tightly contested match at the Stade Guy Piriou. Rafiki Saïd scored the decisive goal in the 31st minute to give Concarneau the win.

"Paris bounces back with 2-0 victory over Châteauroux"
Paris 2-0 Châteauroux
Competition: Championnat National​
Paris got back to winning ways with a comfortable 2-0 victory over Châteauroux at the Stade Charléty. Moataz Zemzemi and Fantamady Diarra scored the goals for Paris.

"Paris earns 2-0 win at Le Puy Foot 43"
Le Puy Foot 43 0-2 Paris
Competition: Championnat National​
Paris picked up a valuable away victory with a 2-0 win over Le Puy Foot 43 at the Stade Charles Massot. Manoubi Haddad and Fantamady Diarra scored the goals for Paris.

"Paris routs US Luneray in Coupe de France matchup"
US Luneray 0-4 Paris
Competition: Coupe de France Fifth Round​
Paris cruised to a 4-0 victory over US Luneray in the Coupe de France Fifth Round at the Stade Municipal. Yanis Barka and Fantamady Diarra both scored hat tricks for Paris.

"Paris edges Cholet in close 3-1 victory"
Score: Paris 3-1 Cholet
Competition: Championnat National​
Paris secured a hard-fought 3-1 victory over Cholet at the Stade Charléty. Fantamady Diarra scored twice and Yanis Barka added another goal for Paris.

"Paris demolishes AS Chatou in Coupe de France matchup"
AS Chatou 0-7 Paris
Competition: Coupe de France Sixth Round​
Paris put on a dominant performance with a 7-0 thrashing of AS Chatou in the Coupe de France Sixth Round at the Stade Charles Finaltéri. Moataz Zemzemi, Manoubi Haddad, Rafiki Saïd, Yanis Barka, and Tiago Castro all scored for Paris.

"Paris and AS Nancy play to exciting 3-3 draw"
AS Nancy 3-3 Paris
Competition: Championnat National​
The sun was setting on a crisp autumn evening as the team took to the pitch at Stade Marcel-Picot. The stands were filled with excited fans, all cheering on their beloved AS Nancy. But our boys were not intimidated. They had come too far, worked too hard, to let this opportunity slip through their fingers.

The whistle blew, and the match began. Both teams fought fiercely, but it was clear that our boys had the upper hand. They moved with grace and precision, their passes connecting with ease. It wasn't long before the first goal came, Rafiki Saïd expertly taking down a pass and slotting it past the keeper.

The crowd went wild, and our boys continued to press forward. Yanis Barka and Moataz Zemzemi both found the back of the net, their celebrations met with roars of approval from the stands. But AS Nancy was not about to go down without a fight. They fought back, scoring two quick goals to even the score.

As the final minutes ticked away, the match was anyone's to win. Both teams gave it their all, but in the end, the score remained 3-3. It was a hard-fought draw, but our boys could hold their heads high. They had given it their all and proved that they were a force to be reckoned with.

As the team walked off the pitch, the fans erupted into applause. They had given it their all, and the chairman was pleased with the result. It had been a long journey to the top of the table, but our boys had finally made it. They were unstoppable, and they knew that they had the talent and determination to stay there.
Kazuhiro knew that he needed to keep his players focused and hungry for more success. He couldn't let them get complacent, especially with tougher opponents coming up on the schedule. He spent hours scouting and preparing for each game, trying to find any advantage he could.

But Kazuhiro couldn't do it alone. He relied on the leadership of his captains and the hard work of every player on the team. They were all in this together, and he knew that they would need to stay united if they wanted to maintain their position at the top.

As the season wore on, Kazuhiro's team faced tough challenges and setbacks. But through it all, they remained united and determined. They knew that if they could keep their focus and drive, they could achieve anything.

And in the end, that's exactly what they did. Kazuhiro led his team to the championship, and they celebrated their hard-fought victory with joy and pride. It was a moment that Kazuhiro and his players would never forget, and one that they would always cherish.

"RB Paris secure top spot with hard-fought win over Le Mans"
RB Paris 2 - 1 Le Mans
Competition: Championnat National​
Report: RB continued their strong start to the season with a narrow victory over Le Mans on Thursday night. Yanis Barka and Ruben Kokolo scored in the final 15 minutes to secure the win for Kazuhiro's side, who move to the top of the table with 23 points from 10 games. The first half was a cagey affair, with both sides struggling to create clear-cut chances. Le Mans had the better of the early exchanges, but Paris grew into the game as the half wore on. The second half was much more open, with both sides pushing for a winner. It was RB Paris who found it, with Barka's deflected effort and Kokolo's late strike securing the three points. RB will now turn their attention to their Coupe de France match against US Vallée de l'Authre on Sunday.

"RB Paris thrash Vallée de l'Authre in Coupe de France"
US Vallée de l'Authre 0 - 4 RB Paris
Competition: Coupe de France Seventh Round​
Report: Paris cruised into the next round of the Coupe de France with a dominant 4-0 victory over US Vallée de l'Authre on Sunday. Tiago Castro and Nuno Valente scored in quick succession early in the second half to put RB Paris in control, before Ruben Kokolo and Yanis Barka added further goals to complete the rout. It was a comfortable afternoon for Kazuhiro's side, who were in control from start to finish. Paris FC will now face a tough test in the next round against a strong opponent, but will go into the match with confidence after this impressive win.

"Red Bull Falls to Bourg en Bresse"
Red Bull 0 - 1 Bourg en Bresse
Competition: Championnat National​
In a tough away match, Red Bull fell to Bourg en Bresse by a score of 0-1. Despite putting in a strong performance and creating several scoring opportunities, the team was unable to find the back of the net. Bourg en Bresse scored the lone goal of the match in the second half, taking all three points. Red Bull will look to bounce back in their next match and continue their push for promotion.

"Red Bull Dominates Stade Briochin"
Red Bull 4 - 1 Stade Briochin
Competition: Championnat National​
Red Bull put in a dominant performance at home, defeating Stade Briochin 4-1. Yanis Barka and Fantamady Diarra each scored a brace, while Manoubi Haddad added a late goal to seal the win. Red Bull controlled the match from start to finish, with strong performances from all players. The team will look to continue their winning streak in their next match.

"Red Bull Earns Point on the Road Against at Sedan"
Sedan 2 - 2 Red Bull
Competition: Championnat National​
Red Bull earned a hard-fought point on the road at Sedan, drawing 2-2. Yanis Barka opened the scoring for Red Bull in the first half, but Sedan responded with two goals to take the lead. Manoubi Haddad scored a late equalizer for Red Bull, salvaging a point for the team. Red Bull will look to build on this result and continue their push for promotion in their next match.

"Red Bull Cruises to Victory over FC Martigues"
Red Bull 3 - 1 FC Martigues
Competition: Championnat National​
Red Bull secured a comfortable victory at home over FC Martigues, winning 3-1. Fantamady Diarra scored from the penalty spot, while Moataz Zemzemi and Yanis Barka added goals in the second half to seal the win. Red Bull controlled the match from start to finish, with strong performances from all players. The team will look to continue their winning ways in their next match.