The Return Of Devlin's Disastrous Days!

What Club & Country to chose? It's multiple choice so click both a club & country

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Sep 8, 2012
Devlin's Disastrous Days Makes A Return!

so it's back! Me attempting to do something decent with a team on fm13! And all for your pleasure of watching me fail miserably...or will I?

Here's what you've gotta do:
select from the following teams for me to be!

So there is:

Everton FC - like my old save, which got crash dumped! I will try and get Everton into the champions league and win the premier league, within 3-4 seasons!

Celtic FC - my own team, premier league is a bit easy so this would be a European Assault Save, try to win the champions league with Celtic!

Los Angeles Galaxy - yeah, you read it right, LA Galaxy, Beckham and his troops! I suppose it will give you all a taste of MLS football which is very, very complicated...especially the transfer rules and regulations and the league layout.

As well as these teams I will be playing an international team as well as the Club, here are the National Options;

Scotland - try to qualify for the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil, as well as bringing through new young talent, and climbing the FIFA world rankings ladder, to compete with the best!


United States Of America - decent team, Qualify for the FIFA 2014 World Cup in brazil and maybe even do well whilst producing the best young talent and climbing the FIFA World Rankings.

I couldn't think of another national team so that's it I'm afraid, oh well get voting and ill set up a new thread with the results that you voted​