The rise of Paganese: "Corruption, Blasphemy, Revenge and Glory"


Sep 23, 2011
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The rise of Paganese: "Corruption, Blasphemy, Revenge and Glory"

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This all started when I got the Atalanta job after José Mourinho and Mario Balotelli put in a good word for me. I had to battle against relegation but ended up securing a 4th place in the Serie A which through some luck got converted into a Champions League Qualifier spot.
The season that followed really tested the chairman's patience as I lost in the CL Qualifiers against Dinamo Kiev. Seven matches into the new season...

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The Atalanta chairman even fired me!

Usually, a normal person would reload the game or even start a new one. But no, not this time. I now felt something that I can only describe as furious anger and I only had revenge in my mind. How could they possibly fire their star manager after his first bad run in over 40 matches???

I decided to plot my revenge. The first big team that would hire me would be used to exact my revenge. A few Serie A managers got sacked, but they only laughed at my interest. Even Serie B teams weren't interested in hiring the manager that took a team from relegation battlers to European stardom in just one season.

After a year I got the message. I wasn't worth any decent team's time despite santoscrew becoming the Serie A Manager of the Year, succeeding José Mourinho as the best manager in the whole of Italy.

It surely had something to do with the corrupt ways of the Italian football in which I refused to partake and this was how they were letting me know.

I decided that I really needed to get back in the game. All teams are good enough for me now. Yes, even Cynthia.

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(Cynthia isn't your regular Football Manager team. For instance, when I started out at Cynthia there were just the chairman and me.)

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As the newly promoted team in the Serie C2/B, Cynthia's objective was to battle brave against relegation.
Hardworking players like Angelo Fratini were asked to achieve this almost impossible goal. Enter santoscrew. "He will help us not relegate to the Serie D!!", one of the fans in The Communale 'A' said.

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Sadly, santoscrew, the once so succesful manager, failed to deliver:

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After becoming a raging alcoholic I got into rehab and pulled myself together. Revenge on Atalanta must be had somehow. But now, I'm even deeper then when I started at Cynthia. With the help of some close friends I finally found a way in. On December 15th 2104 Paganese offered me a job.

Paganese were at the time [hiding somewhere in the Serie C2/B midtable, the same league in which santoscrew's Cynthia just got relegated from.

After assessing my squad I noticed morale was low. So I arranged a friendly match with reserves to get that much needed morale boost.

That didn't help much. At least I knew now which players I had to sell and where I needed better players. The season ended pretty much the same as I started.

On the other side of the galaxy a true miracle happened. Atalanta won the Serie A. This was, of course, in no way related to the foundation one santoscrew once put in place.

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The new season started really well, with new signings like Francesco Vivaqua being the star of the team so far:

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Here is a screenshot of this Italian Stallion scoring a hat-trick in under 20 minutes:

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Back to Atalanta for a moment, where some guy named Gasperini was named Italian Serie A Manager of the Year.

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(this **** makes me sick...)

In that same season Paganese won the Serie C2/B. Now on to bigger things. Things like the prestigious Serie C2 Super Cup:

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Here are a few of the Paganese Stars this season:

Francesco Vivacqua, Fabrizio Foresta, Mehdi Joachim and Robert Stillo.

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The winning formula:

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And, once again, santoscrew winning a Manager of the year award:

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The Serie C1/B starts, with new signings like Ralph van Campenhout and some stupid crazy matches. Paganese were doing good, trying to go for a back-to back promotion.

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The feared mid-season crisis started, but a good manager always knows what to do:

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Yes!!! And after that a friendly against the U20's...

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Oh God not again!!!!

No back-to-back this year:

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At least Atalanta is doing well...

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The new season (2016/2017) started well, with some big wins:

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(notice the 1-0 vs Deportivo!!!)

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(In the meanwhile, a Novara striker pulls a Torres)

My superstriker Fabinho couldn't be kept and signs with a Serie B team. Same goes for van Campenhout:

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We finish in a playoff place. After winning the semi-finals against Ascoli we beat Taranto 2-1 for promotion. Paganese get promoted, Taranto manager gets the sack, and santoscrew wins the Serie C1/B Manager of the Year.

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Everything is going according to plan.

The new season starts. Notice Juve Stabia relegating from the Serie A, I will get to them later...:

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The generous board is giving me lots of options. And I am supposed to defend my team against Adelino Andrade.

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My assistent manager, since a few days after I joined the club, Cristiano Zanetti, sarcastically points out that our youth development is ****:

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Atalanta arranged a friendly match, just to show me how far I still am:

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This screenshot also hurts a bit:

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The season doesn't start too well, but new signings like Paolo Cavalleri and Olegs Riherts really turn things around:

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Thanks Mladenov!:

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My new formation:

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OK. Back to Juve Stabia now. I noticed in the Club Information page that we are fierce rivals with Juve Stabia, the club who just got relegated from the Serie A.

My research on the internet proved to be really enjoyable! Juve Stabia is a club from Castellammare di Stabia. Not very far from Pagani. That must be the reason we are fierce rivals, right? WRONG!!! Check out this piece from the Castellammare di Stabia wiki page:

That's right, the Stabia Mayor banned miniskirts, sunbathing and Football in public places. That's everything we here at Pagani stand for!!! And as a finishing touch, he went on and banned blasphemy (wtf!) and clogs.

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(Probably because I'm a manager from the Netherlands).

It was only right that we beat them, we do represent all that is fun in this world, and we did it for the fans.

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Marcelo Torre only has places for 4602 fans:

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Paganese had a great run a the end of the season and finished 3rd. Time for playoffs. Semi-finals ended in a 2-2 win:

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In the Serie B if both matches end with the same result, the higher seeded team goes through:

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(lucky me!)

The final 2 matches. Up against Cesena and most of my players are on international duty:

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(lots of U21)

Compare that to Cesena's squad:

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Unfair! First match ends 2-1 in my opponents favor:

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The return ended in 2-1 in my favor. Extra time (the seeded rule didn't apply here!). It was an extra time which showed Atalanta's hidden powers as Cesena scored a questionable goal and I got denied a penalty: 3-4.

Failing to secure promotion due to a goal in the 115th minute hurts, but it was a succesful season still. I'm gonna miss our captain, Tomislav Vincek, next season:

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Real Madrid's Alpha Peeters)

The new season starts. Board wants the title and these men are my starting eleven:

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Signed Alberto Calabrese for the ladies:

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Another strategy:

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Bad Start:

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Signed Mladenovic; **** changes. santoscrew hailed as 'tactical genius':

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Made it back to the top at the half of the season:

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Markowski offers Malkowski:

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Promotion to the Serie A. Siena was too good:

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Made it back to the Serie A. The year is 2020. The time for revenge has come. The first match against Atalanta didn't go that well altough I'm ahead of them in the league...:

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Didn't make it in the end:

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Here is where it turns.

It all starts with me stating our ambitions:

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This was quickly followed by Paganese beating Atalanta 8-1 in the glorious Paganese Stadium:

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Angel Di Maria getting sacked:

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Paganese making a streak:

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which ends with Paganese winning the Serie A:

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Past winners show how powerful Atalanta was in the previous years:

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This screenshot shows Paganese's rise through the divisions and the capacity of the new stadium:

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(It would be cool if it was called Stadio Paganese or Paganese Colosseum or something else instead of the English 'Stadium'.)

Here are Paganese's previous encounters with Atalanta:

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My star players were Goalkeeper Dan Hulls and Attacking Midfielder Enrico Ricci:

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Captain Emanuele Fontanarosa and Vice Captain Dmytro Kolesov:

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Wonderkid strikers Fubá and Paulinho and my best Defensive Midfielder Drazen Dzaya:

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Can't ofcourse forget my longest serving player Lennard Inia:

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The formation:

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It took legendary manager santoscrew 12 years, 6 months and 9 days (from November 8th 2012 to May 17th 2025) to get his revenge!

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really enjoyed this tbh kept my interest and liked the thought of revenge on a club that sacks you :) great story. Can I ask did you get much money for advancing through the leagues?
really enjoyed this tbh kept my interest and liked the thought of revenge on a club that sacks you :) great story. Can I ask did you get much money for advancing through the leagues?

I'm glad someone liked it here!

Moneywise it was pretty tough. I couldn't afford the wages that I needed to retain some key players. But most of my players were signed on a free and were under 22.

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This one shows how hard it was when I entered the Serie B. In the lower leagues you usually sign people on short contracts, unless you know they can be sold for a profit. Also when people want to leave for a bigger club I just tell them I let them go at the end of the season. By that time the team is promoted and we don't really need him anymore or we can sell him on. Also, the AI isn't very challenging transfer-wise. They really sign bad players at times which makes it pretty easy to rise through the divisions.