Dec 13, 2010
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The time has come, I have been out of work for a while and the only option I see is going back in to coaching. But not any old coaching, professional coaching. I haven’t coached in England since I managed Grimsby Borough – a local Sunday league team, in which I resigned from; for an adventure abroad which hasn’t really gone to plan as I had anticipated. This is the sole reason I am back in the UK in a bid to gain my qualifications throughout the next few years and get myself in to the big time! Now what’s Johnny boys number?

“John? I need some advice mate… I want to get into coaching, but where is the best place to go?
“How’s it going mate! Long time no speak, I’ve missed you man! Well, what about Italy? Lots of opportunities there with clubs when you have the qualifications..”
“ Okay mate, stop with the soppy bollocks act! Italy, you say? Hmm I’ll be in touch.. Ciao!”

Four years later..

I have finally got the highest qualification possible from the FA and I’m nearly ready to take a giant leap in to the football world. Just one thing is missing… experience. I have been told to make it into the big time, I will need more coaching experience in the higher division of a professional club and try and impress that way.

A 25 year old, with bags of ambition and drive with something to prove will surely be a selling point .

* Phone Rings *

“John I have finally done it , completed all the courses and everything. I have a favour to ask ?”
“Jake, that’s great news mate. I’m glad you have finally got your life back on track after a hectic couple of years, and yes sure what is it?”
“ Thanks man, means a lot. Well, I need an agent of some sort and your perfect for the job”
“Sure , that will be great, my knowledge will hopefully come of great help. You need experience, I’ll get on the job straight away! Good Luck my friend”

Hey guys, I am back! This isn’t a block story. I just wanted a good start and hopefully you are looking forward to it! Thanks.
It’s been a month since I gained my qualifications and I’ve still not heard a thing back yet from Johnny; maybe I’ve made a mistake, maybe there isn’t a place in this business for people like me.


“ ****** **** Johnny! Talk about taking your time. “
“ Jake, I have some good news and some bad news..”
“ Hit me with it then”
“ The bad news is that I haven’t managed to find any managerial jobs for you.. However there is an assistant manager role available for you if you fancy it?”

At this point I was thankful for anything John found me, I’ve had it rough the last month. Struggling with food and being able to keep up with the bills, I had blew my last couple of grand on the courses in the hope of getting a job straightaway.

“Yes Buddy, where is it… !? “

“ It’s at… “

“… Marseille, France. They are in need of an assistant manager as their last one’s contract ran it’s cour-“
“John, when do I start!?”
“ You will have to travel down to Marseille to visit they’re manager and chairman to sort contract etc, I’ll get you a plane sorted for this afternoon.”
“Right you are! Thank you so much”

Bonjour! I have arrived in Marseille ready to go to the stadium, a car is coming to pick me up and take me to the Stade Vélodrome. I’m feeling like a bag of nerves however it’s mixed with excitement and anticipation of what’s to come.

Two Hours Later

It’s finalised! I am officially Marseille’s Assistant Manager. The gaffer is fantastic and welcomed me with open arms, the club seems great and what a way start on my career at such a fantastic club . My duties start at 8:30am where I will meet the lads and take a training session.

Guys, i was just wondering, would you prefer a monthly updates or match by match/?
Two month later…

Wow! It’s been a good old hectic couple of months. I’ve loved every minute of my experience so far. I’ve learnt so much from the gaffer, well the old gaffer… Mr Baup recently got dismissed from his managerial post after just eight games! I’m gutted to be honest; I feel like I have gotten to know him and learnt from an experienced personal of the game.
The lads and fans are down in the dumps after a string of poor performances however we have a lot to learn and the next manager in charge will have to get their heads back up and roari-

* Ring Ring *

“Jake, it’s Vincent Labrune. Step by my office in the next hour, I have something to ask you.”
“Sure thing”

“ Good morning Mr Burrows, it’s good to see you !”
“ You too boss, what did you want to see me for”
“ I have been thinking, I want to give you a chance, grant you’ve only been in the position for two months however I believe in you, I would like you to be the interim manager of Marseille Football Club. “
“ Wow! I wasn’t expecting that, but of course I will accept. What an honour, I will get started straight away. We have a European game up next, much preparation is needed! Thanks again.”

I’ve made it! I am the manager of Marseille, for the rest of the season at least. It’s crazy that within two months I have gone from nothing to a manager of one of the main French clubs!


I will start off tomorrow, do you want monthly match updates or game by game? It’s all down to you! Hope I have started well and continue to please