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Feb 9, 2013
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how to do this challenge:
start unemployed with international footballer reputation so you can get a premier league job.
take the job of the first team in the premier league relegation zone to sack their manager.
save them then conquer europe with them,simple.

like the saviour challenge the game has except you cant choose which team and have to make the next step after surviving.

how i did(west ham):
2012/13- 8th (superb run took me to a mid table side by february)
2013/14- 4th
2014/15- 2nd (fa cup&capital one cup runners up aswell)XD QF of CL beaten ET by barcelona
2015/16 1st (capital one cup winners) finished 3rd in group of CL (europa league winners)

and thats where im up to... plan to win the CL in next 2 years with a great young side.

when i joined team lineup:
reid tomkins collins mccartney
benayoun o'neil noble collison jarvis

team lineup:

mario(5m) boyata(3m) tomkins digne(10m)
currie hughes(5m) wanyama(10m) collison lucasmoura(20m)

currie came through academy(not a real player)
mario plays for villareal
hughes plays for derby
you should know the rest

as you can see ive taken the club on a lot in a short time, been given around 30m each year to spend but invested a lot in youth(will pay off soon)

try it, see how far you can take a team.