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The Seahorse's Road to the Premier League

Jul 25, 2013
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With Football Manager 14's release soon (at least in managing terms) upon us, i have decided to pursue one last hoo-rah with FM13 by attempting the tier 9 challenge.

With successes such as multiple Champions League and League titles in Asia, North America and Africa, and a Europa League victory with Huddersfield ;), we should hopefully be in good stead to complete the road that lay before us!

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Having recently extended the English pyramid to tier 9, I have taken control of Whitley Bay, a financially stricken amateur side who play their home games at Hillheads Park (cap. 4500.) They also finished 3rd in their 2012/13 campaign which is definitely our target to beat for our first season!

Updates will be posted at the start, middle and end of each season!

Thanks for viewing, and if you're attempting a similar challenge be sure to comment and leave a link to your story. :)