The Streak, explanation from mine research


Sep 14, 2014
Ok, Im fairly new to posting stuff to the forum, so if I make few mistakes please notify me of them and give your own suggestions.

Everyone who plays FM has one and only one goal and that is to make the STREAK, the perfect season the successive tittles, trebles and everything that goes with it, the very best of you want to take Portsmouth, Wimbledon, Nott Forrest or in mine case Sheff Utd to their glory days, for all of us to succeed in our goals we need to get consecutive wins over and over again with best possible scenarios and also to have some luck in our transfer market. After hours spent searching for perfect players I can conclude there aint such, perfection doesn't exist in FM, ofcourse CR7, Messi, Toure, Pogba and few more are close to that state, but I'm writting this to offer some guidance and insight to everyone not just top tier team managers. so after failures with some players(failure for me is avg rat under 7.40 in 20 league matches in his 2nd season) I decided to take different approach. It works by simple team cohesion, now most of you know that that team cohesion is best thing to have in your team and that good squads depend on it, well I took that a notch higher, mine rules of signing are high determination, anticipation and decisions for people who play fluid style I could suggest workrate and teamwork. I found that Barca like approach is very possible but few conditions must be met, now some may call this cheating but I call it insight, yes I used Genie scout to check mine players hidden stats after some time, players with high consistency and pressure ratings that meet previous conditions are real gems, so now you can see where I'm going but still can't figure the whole point yet.
If you happen to get your hands on type of players I have described you will have something nearest to perfect team, I know I said perfect players dont exist but perfect teams do, with some knowledge you can exploit best your players have to offer and minimalise their bad sides. I personally favor possession but I like fast ball movement since it makes it easier to find a gap in opposition defense that waym that is why I need high decision stats so that mine players can decide in a brink of a moment which pass to make next or if he is off ball which run to make etc. anticipation is mine must attribute for good offense/defense combo not only a player who has good decision rating in addition to anticipation will know where ball will land but he will also know which move to make if you add pressure and consistiency stats to that combo you will have a player who will get work done on regular basis. I'm not saying a player with 20 in those 4 and low attributes in all the others parts will win, Im saying that you need those 4 stats for perfect teams. Determination is the 5th attribute I havent mentioned earlier it is a single best attribute for gelling squad in, if you happen to have a squad full of highly dtermined players they will become a close bunch faster and wont feel down when they loose, concede get injured etc.
You certainly do need a logical tactic setup for all this I mentioned to work, you can't excpect to run 5-5-0 without AMCs and score 10 goals each game or to run a 0-5-5 and concede 0, be logical, Im just stating something taht may already be obvious to majority of you.
So you dont misunderstand me Ill make an example: Lets say you are looking for classic deep playmaker, lets say Andrea Pirlo is something close to perfection in this role (his earlier days when he was more agile) he is a player who roses in all attributes needed for the role and has all the attributes I mentioned above, he would be a perfect DLP, Im aware that decisions attribute is needed for DLP role Im just stating an example of a perfect fit of mine philosophy and mine explanations.
With a whole squad of 11 players on pitch high on their attributes needed for role and high values in 5 above mentioned attributes you will basically get a squad who will rarely waste shots, waste possession in stupid maner and understand each other and thrive to become a real force.
Thanks for reading I hope I get some sort of feedback from you guys
Feel free to give me any questions I will try to answer asap, cheers

P.S. I still haven't tried FM 16 due to financial reasons I'm stating stuff I got from earlier versions FM 12 - FM 15 I played earlier on aswell but haven't payed much attention to it.