The Sun asks for your Help!


Sep 22, 2009
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Please give 2 mins of your time to read this article before you close it. If you have a heart you will.

Basically this poor girl needs £300,000 to get treatment in the U.S.A or Germany, this is ran by The Sun and the News so its not a scam, Ive donated money to this cause.

Do a good thing today and donate anything you can.... you can do without a Starbucks going to work or a Mcdonalds after work today or tomorow, you can get plenty more of that next week, next month or even next year. This poor girl may not get the chance to do that without your help.

As I said The Sun are backing this campaign and there is a facebook page also.

Give a little and be proud to be British :)
im currently have financial restrictions, but i will pray with all my heart for her :D
Well im not British
But what i wanted to say is it is a sad case :(

Also this thread is posted in the wrong section...