Jan 10, 2009
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For this test I have created a national league containing the 10 best footballing nations who will play each other 4 times (36 games in total)

I will be playing as England and will test the most downloaded tactics on FM-Base by holidaying through the 36 game season using the selected tactic


Modern Warfare 442cragswfc36237676344276
4-3-3 SkeetSkeet & AVP tacticlordofavp36229559312875
Best 4-5-1 Tactic. Celtic win Champions Leagueandyfaichney36227771393273
Might and Magic™Raikan00736227775482773
PAV 451ThePav36226877393872
TM & Old fashioned Winger tacticRaikan007362011575423371
4-5-1 Strong Defense and Letal Attacklourencobragancateles362011552242871
Potential Perfectiondamen198436216977482969
TBH Asymmetric 451TheBetterHalf36209763362769
PAV 433ThePav362151070373368
PAV 442ThePav362061063392466
Tika-Taka.FM Pro361971064422264
Mr Langvatn feat Lordofavp 4-4-1-1 CialisMr Langvatn and Lordofavp361961162392363
Mr Langvatn 4-4-2 Strongman (13.2.2)Mr Langvatn361881073423162
Brendon Rogers Tactic V2000supermatt1978361710971521961
JP's Attacking 442JP Woody361612865412460
❤Zero Sea Fight For AthenaZero Sea361781163362759
Matti's Goal MachineMatti Shannon3616101064461558
4-1-1-2-2 DREAMGary Train361513859441558
Koflok's Goals Galore 2013koflok36159126255754
Mourinho's Magical Madrid v1.4Kyanite36159125451354
JP Woody's Simple & Solid 442JP Woody36158136053753
Mr Langvatn 4-5-1 Ultimate (13.2.2)Mr Langvatn361410126052852
JP Woody's counter attack 442JP Woody361313104741652
my great goalscoring tacticMatthewMcKay36149136367-451
Mr Langvatn Spin the Wheel 4-2-3-1 Final Version for 13.2.1Mr Langvatn361310135753449
Mr Langvatn Underdog Beast (13.2.1)Mr Langvatn361310135358-549
Awesome AMC™Raikan00736136175963-445
Raikan007's Complete Madness 433 DMRaikan00736135185755244
Fantastic Five by Raikan007Raikan007361012143846-842

Tactic 1 -

Might and Magic™Raikan007

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Tactic 4 -

❤Zero Sea Fight For AthenaZero Sea
Tactic 5 -

Matti's Goal MachineMatti Shannon
Tactic 6 -

4-3-3 SkeetSkeet & AVP tacticlordofavp
Thanks for testing my tactic ....im glad to see my old tactics still work even though u holidayed all the matches....(usually its harder to win when u holiday it...)
Tactic 8 -

JP Woody's Simple & Solid 442JP Woody
Tactic 10 -

JP Woody's counter attack 442JP Woody
Tactic 13 -

TM & Old fashioned Winger tacticRaikan007
Tactic 14 -

Brendon Rogers Tactic V2000supermatt1978
Tactic 15 -

Raikan007's Complete Madness 433 DMRaikan007