The Tale Of Frederick 'Freddi' Josephson


Jan 25, 2013
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Frederick 'Freddi' Josephson

Frederick Josephson, or 'Freddi' as he would come to be known was Born on the 6th September 1987 in Bury, Greater Manchester to Peter and Deirdre Josephson. During his younger year the Josephson's lived in a quite suburb of Manchester called Ramsbottom where Freddi became well known as the 'Lad with the ball' by most of the locals.

Freddi was the middle child of three with older brother Stephen and younger sister Rachel, the family were always a close knit unit, with the parents always encouraging their children to strive for their dreams, a philosphy that would indeed shape the life of their youngest boy.

His love for football led to a trial with boyhood heroes Machester United who rejected the youngster as too skinny to be a pro footballer, this didnt deter the young man however as at the age of 7 he was invited to a trial at Bolton Wanderers. This time he impressed the youth academy director and was asked to sign youth forms with the trotters where he played for the next 4 years in the under 10's. During his time with the club they were so impressed that they signed him to an endorsement deal with Reebok that would see the youngster feature on billboards and magazines around the country.

At the age of 11 Freddi faced upheaval as his family relocated to the East coast and he was forced to leave the club he had grown to love and pursue other options open to him. This led to periods at Leeds, Sunderland and York City before signing for Hull City at the age of 13, a club he would spend the next 5 years of his life with making his way up to the reserves team at the age of 16 before bing loaned to Scarborough FC for the 04/05 season during which the teenager suffered a horrific double fracture of the leg that would see both his career and contract with Hull City terminated.

Despite a brief comeback with Scarborough Athletic in 2008 Josephson would never make it back to the highest level and at the age of 21 he decided to turn his attentions to the coaching side of the game. 12 months later Price had achieved his level 3 UEFA B licence and was working in the Hull City centre of excellence whilst working towards the UEFA A licence that would allow him to be a coach in his own right.

By the summer of 2011 Freddi was ready to take his A licence test but held off a year in order to gain more knowledge of the game. He spent the next year travelling around Europe and Southern America working in and around some of the best Youth Academies along side some of the best mentors in the world. He spent much of this time at La Masia, Barcelona's famous wonderkid factory where his philosophy of football was moulded and cultivated. From January 2012 till April he worked with Sao Paulo of brazil, where he worked with the youth sides working on cultivating talented youths and helping them grow into stars of the future.

In May 2012 Josephson begun working on the A Licence and on the 1st June he was awarded the A licence that would entitle him to manage a professional football club..... But where will his legacy begin?

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I will surely be following this...Is the John Price story over then?
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It looks as though Freddi Josephson is on the job hunt, the unempoyed manager tweeted after recieving confirmation of his UEFA A licence being granted that he was in the market for work. With the 25 year olds worldwide links he could pop up in any country, who knows where he will land.
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I will surely be following this...Is the John Price story over then?

No i will be continuing it ive just lost a little interest at the moment so gonna run the two of them side by side for now mate.
Frederick Josephson has been claiming a few newspaper column inches recently in his hunt for his first job in football management, Tyler beckett from the daily mail released a piece emphasising the importance of picking the right job for his first in management. The sports editior claims that this first job can make or break a career in this sport and that the 25 year old shouldnt rush into anything.

New Guy Knows Road Will Be Long

aving recently achieved his UEFA A licence that will allow him to manage a professional football club, Frederick Josephson has made no secrets of his desire to find a club sooner rather than later. He recently was spotted at games in Brazil with teams such as Botafogo from the Premier division and Avai from the first division being his main focus. Many professionals in the game feel the young man must wait for the right job to come along instead of rushing headlong into a job he is not yet prepared for, and one which will in their opinion end in failure. Despite his clear want for a club, 'Freddi' as he is affectionately know amongst friends and family knows that the road to the top of his profession will be a long one and that their will be work to be done to become one of the greats. Clearly Mr Josephson is not detered by the long road he will need to ride in order to gain recognistion in the game, but it will be inperitive that his first job is one where he can show exactly what he is about. He will want to be able to pervay his footballing philosophy onto this team, make them play the way in which he wants them to play, think in the way he wants them to think.

Tyler Beckett
Daily Mail, Sports Editor

Where do you think Freddi should look to take his first job? Let us know by posting below.....
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I reckon lower down league and build up reputation. Will be good no matter what you decide. :)
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Despite spending the best part of 4 months at La Masia working with the players from Barcelona's 'B' side, today Frederick Josephson turned down a job offer from the club stating that it wasnt the right time for him.

'The structure of the 'B' team is such that players can be plucked from the team and used for the senior squad at a moments notice and that isnt something i am looking for at this stage. I need a team that i can make my own, a team i can mould using the principles i learnt during my time at La Masia, and for those reasons i have declined the offer to become Barcelona 'B' teams new manager'.

The popular concensus within the footballing world is that the job with the La Masia youngsters is a poisoned chalice, whilst it gets you into the footballing spotlight the job itself is a dead end as progress is always halted when talented players are utilised for the first team, for this reason it seams Freddi has made the right choice this time around.
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Rosario Central

Nearly 4 months after achieving the UEFA A licence to manage professionally Frederick Josephson has landed his first job in club management at Argentianian Second Division side Roasario Central. Migual Angel Russo paid the penalty for Rosario residing in a lowly 10th position and the club have turned to the rookie figure of 'Freddi' Josephson to take the club forward.

'I'm over the moon to be here and manage a team with such a history. It will be a real challenge to take the team forward and hopefully return them to the Premier division in Argentina where their fans are used to being. It will take time, and i hope everybody will be patient but there is a style of football i feel the players will suit, and we will be looking at stabilising the club, both on and off the field'.

That was what Freddi had to say on the matter, it seems he is enthusiastic about his first ever managerial role and it will be interesting to see how he takes the club forward. Rosario Central lie 10th in the league after 13 games, the media had predicted that they had the ability within the team to challenge for promotion this season and Mr Josephson will be hoping he can turn around their fortunes and fulfill this potential.
Winning Start For Freddie!!

Frederick Josephson began his managerial career with a home win For Rosario Central against olympio in a dramatic game that went right down to the wire and cost the olympio manager his job. The new look Rosario outfit looked strong under Josephson demonstrating that the manager wants them to dominate games, passing their opponents off the park and controling posession of the ball.

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The rookie manager wont get too carried away however as Olympio are a team the promotion chasers would want to be beating and they will face bigger tests in their fight for promotion this season.