Jun 8, 2008
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Well before anyone puts in a link to the Better Halfs guide on training - I've read it.

Looking through the different tactics on this site, one sees training from Very High to Low during the season, no miracle - this is how you set it up kind of thing. So I try myself and low and behold, the training just baffles me. Look first at this picture.
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As you can see, Balanced Low and the players overall workload LIGHT. So you would think that then one has space to do indivdual training schedules so a player can come up to a medium workload - you can think that.......
So now we go into the individual training page and....
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So all the experts - can you tell me how Jason Steele has a Heavy workload when he is doing nothing extra at all ? If I try to put him on a Goalkeeper training schedule he gets a Very Heavy workload and gets injured for 5-6 weeks.
The only answer I can come up with is that I am still in the pre-season training phase and the players are showing the heavy workload from that. But as I say - the team training looks easy to do but is a can of worms when you open it up.
it depends on how many coaches you have as well bud! the more coaches the lighter the workload.... facilities would also potentially effect this too

how many GK coaches do you have for example?
I took Jason Steele as an example - all first team players have the same heavy workload when they are not doing anything. I have top training facilities (the only thing that is top at Middlesbrough LOL) and here are my coaches

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Now the workload has gone down to light (for indivduals) after the first game of the season. What my dilemma was, was that I was changing the training system to season training before the first match.

I had this as my pre -season training
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but then made the mistake of implementing the season training before the Scunthorpe match - the players were still on the pre-season training - at least that's the only explantion I can come up with.
My point is that one shouldn't change to the seaon training (e.g rest after match and altered % on match prep) until exactly before the first match - if you do it earlier than the workload becomes heavy and the players get injured - I got 5 injuries to players within a week because of my clueless tinkering

Think I answered my own thread there LOL
you still have barely 1 coach per regime though, its tough being a smaller club though as you can only have x amount of coaches! I suggest requesting to your board to increase this so that you may "specialize"

that usually does the trick!

AM with good coaching stats is also a given!

take the slider down at least two clicks towards less match training AND MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THEM A REST BEFORE AND AFTER (tick the boxes next to match training)
In the very first screen shot your training is on very high for that week. It takes till the next week for the change to take effect.
Training is bugged, you have to click the continue game and go forward a few days before training shows the correct workload in the players individual training screen. I keep saying this but nobody seems to take any notice and still talk about facilities etc making a difference to player workload when they don't at all. I use the same training wether it be with Bayern or Ebbsfleet and the workload always shows exactly the same.

Ignore what it says when you first set training and carry on playing then look at it after a few days and it should show correctly.

or if it is supposed to be like this then it is like the poster above says, it takes a week before your current training takes effect. Either way, set your training wait a few days then check the workload again.
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You can plan your intensity for the next few weeks so you should never have to wait a few days.

I never noticed the bit that says you can't change after Sunday, assumed it was a bug.