May 31, 2010
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Hudderfield Town's Clark resigns

Hudderfield Town's manager Lee Clark has chosen to end his time as manager for The Terriers


Lee Clark is leaving his post as Huddersfield manager

Lee Clark has told the Hudderfield Town board that he is leaving his post as manager for The Terriers after two seasons. He told FourFourTwo that he left his post after a long and hard debate with the board.

"I have re-signed after a long and difficult debate with the chairman and the rest of the board. I thought that we had to small ambitions and eventually we found out that if we didn’t have the same ambitions then we could work together anymore. I will thank the fans for a wonderful time here Galpharm Stadium."

Chairman Dean Hoyle have told the press that they will hold a press conference in a few days.
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New manager ready for Huddersfield Town


Norwegian ready to take over Huddersfield

Knut Arne Paulsen is a name most of you haven't heard of, but Paulsen will take over after Lee Clark re-signed last week as Huddersfield Town manager. The 35 Norwegian have signed a 2 years contract.

Paulsen were introduced to the fans at Galpham Stadium earlier this morning.

Press Conference


Chairman Dean Hoyle:We are glad to introduce you to our new manager, Knut Arne Paulsen. He will take over after Lee Clark immediately. He will answer a couple of questions from you reporters.

Reporter: ehh... we have never heard of you, do you have any experience managing?

Paulsen: I have been managing some clubs in the lower league system in Norway and been training Manglerud Stars youth team.

Reporter: Why did you choose Huddersfield Town?

Paulsen: When Dean asked me if wanted to take over here, I were never in doubt. This is a club with exciting players and ambitions. I will answer one more question.

Reporter: What are your ambitions?

Paulsen: We will try to develop as a club. Last year we lost on play-off, so we will try to get promoted this year.
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Pre Season

Pre Season

Tamworth 1-4 Huddersfield
Crawley 1-0 Hudderfield
Brochin 0-5 Hudderfield
Wakefield 0-5 Huddersfield
Huddersfield 0-2 West Brom
Newtown 0-4 Huddersfield



5 new players ready for Hudderfield Town

Leigh Griffiths, Jan Kozak, Gaël Nlundulu, Gaël Kakuta and Håvard Nordtveit are all ready for Hudderfield Town


Leigh Griffiths (left), Jan Kozak and Gaël Nlundulu (right)

Paulsen have made his first transfer moves as Hudderfield manager. The 19 years old goal machine from Dundee Leigh Griffiths is ready for Hudderfield. The transfer has cost Hudderfield £275K and Griffiths have signed a 3 years contract.

The Slovakian playmaker Jan Kozak and the French 18 years old Gaël Nlundulu is also ready for the Terriers. Both came on free transfer and Kozak have signed a 2 years contract while Nlundulu have signed a 3 years contract with Huddersfield.


Gaël Kakuta (left) and Håvard Nordtveit (right)

Paulsen have also managed to loan the French Gaël Kakuta from Chelsea and the Norwegian Håvard Nordtveit from Arsenal. They will stay at Glapharm Stadium for six months.
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Season kick-off!


Season Kicks-off with Hudderfield victory!

Notts Co 0-3 Hudderfield

Huddersfield kicked-off the season against Notts Co. The terriers took imminently charge of the match but after 21 minutes did Håvard Nordtveit see red, and were sent off after a hard tackle from behind. But the terriers kept attacking and after 31 minutes could Leigh Griffiths score after a superb assist by Gaël Kakuta. The second half began with Notts Co taking charge of the match, but Hudderfield were defending well and did not let Notts through. Hudderfield secure the victory in the 90+1 and 90+4 minute with Kakuta scoring on a penalty and Kakuta again cached a bad pass and tried to shoot, the shot were blocked by Burch but Jordan Rhodes were there to pick it up and roll it in the open goal. The match ended 3-0 to Hudderfield.
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