Sep 8, 2012
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okay, so i know i've done countless threads on stories that i never continue for some reason e.g mostly crash dumps or unsaved games. but this time it's real, im going to commit to this no matter what. So i hope you enjoy this story and start to follow it. I'm using the LFC Marshall Update, with England & Scotland Loaded with only premier leagues loaded e.g SPL & BPL.

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My Goals are:

To get to the FIFA 2014 World Cup Finals In Brazil.
To get to the Euro 2016 Finals In France.

To Win the Capital One Cup.
To Win The Barclays Premier League.
To Win The F.A Cup
To Win The Champions League.
(not all in one season, i would like to...but that would be mad!)

Come back to see the July Update from the
Emirates Stadium & Hampden Park

Good dealings, getting that kinda money for Squillacci is impressive alone
Arsenal Announce Wenger Departure
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Much to the delight of the Arsenal Fans, the club's chairman Peter Hill-Wood, has announced on the clubs website, the departure of Arsene Wenger. Hill-Wood stated that Wenger's departure was triggered by the fiery press conference in which Wenger threw what was believed to be an Apple iPhone at a journalist, after he asked Wenger how many trophies he would plan to lose in the up-coming season. 'Wenger did not take his actions into consideration and will pay the consequences' said the chairman today. The big question on everyone's lips today is who will be the new manager at the Emirates? Bookies have the favourite to be none other than Arsenal icon Thierry Henry, who would take the place as a player-manager, as he has not yet hung up his boots. There is also speculation it could be Jose Mourinho following his successful spell with Chelsea, but Arsenal's board are not letting any hints out yet, we'll just have to wait and see.
Peter Hill-Wood announced today the appointment of Lewis J Devlin as Arsenal's new manager. Devlin, the former Scotland International, Celtic, Everton & Arsenal player is venturing into the unknown with this shock decision, he only hung up his boots 3 months ago following a career halting injury in which he broke his leg in 2 places whilst playing for Arsenal in the last few months of the Barclays Premier League season. Devlin said on Twitter he was 'over the moon that the chairman trusted him with the job' a reaction which suggests to the media he didn't put himself forward for the job. Pundits have joked on SSN that Devlin 'was not suited for the job' and he 'would be out by christmas'. Arsenal fans have stood by their former captain, with the attitude 'surely he can't be worse than Wenger', again, we'll just have to wait and find out.
Mega Mix-Up At Hampden Park
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so we all know the new Scotland manager is Gordon Strachan, yes? NO, SFA chiefs are tonight red-faced as they have made a major gaff in appointing their new manager Lewis Devlin, they supposedly got it wrong because Strachan was named as Devlin's assistant, not the Manager himself. Devlin was outraged as it was announced HE was the assistant by the SFA...So just to clear this mess up, the scotland manager is current Arsenal manager, Lewis Devlin not Gordon Strachan!
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July & August 2012

Let's Kick off with my contract(s):
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Arsenal offered me £86,000 a week, whilst Scotland offered me £2,800 a week.

Minimum Expectations:
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Arsenal = Title Challenge, Scotland = Be Competitive.

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Jose CallejonR.Madrid £6.75m
Fraser ForsterCeltic £3m
Luca AnotniniA.C Milan £4.2m
Wellington NemFluminese £3.5m
AdemilsonSao Paulo £5.25m
Lisandro LopezOlympique Lyonnaise £16m
FalcaoAtletico Madrid £50m
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Andrey ArshavinP.S.G £6m
Bacary SagnaManchester United £14.5m
Thomas EisfieldLeyton Orient - Loan
Laurent KoscielnyChelsea £12.5m
GervinhoLiverpool £17.5m
Sanchez WattDoncaster - Loan
Francis CoquelinBordeaux - Loan
Andre SantosLyon - Loan Fee £100kp/m
Damian MartinezSalamanca - Loan
Vito MannoneSalamanca - Loan
Lukas PodolskiDortmund - Loan Fee £300kp/m
Josh ReesDag & Red - Loan
Total: £51mView attachment 310717


Toulouse FC
v Arsenal FC
(w) 2-1
Giroud (25, 90+4)

Verona FC v Arsenal FC
(w) 5-1
Wilshere (pen 16), Cazorla (38), Giroud (45+1), Podolski (66), Arteta (pen 90+1)

York FC
v Arsenal FC
(w) 3-0
Podolski (16), Callejon (55,73)

Novara FC
v Arsenal FC
(w) 3-1
Giroud (53), Falcao (62), Podolski (90+1)

Arsenal FC
v Dortmund
(w) 3-1
Falcao (12), Arteta (58), Wellington Nem (72)

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v Arsenal
(L) 6-0
yeah, i know "WHAT THE ****?", the players played ****, my tactics were ****, the game was ****, the ref was ****, his decisions were ****, the ballboys were ****, the half time pies were ****, AVB's tactics were...not ****, there was no vuvuzlea's so the atmosphere was ****, it was all just **** okay! so im kinda taking a positive spin on it by saying 'we were gonna take a big loss at some point, so best to get it over with' hopefully no more for a long time.

v Reading
(w) 4-0
Falcao (50), Gibbs (61), Lopez (70,79)
Much better performance lads, Falcao got involved, Lopez was on fire up front, Gibbs was bombing it down the wings, (played him LM) but he also got back to cover when Monreal got up and couldnt get back, all in all a good game, very impressed!

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Arsenal FC to play West Ham United in the 3rd round.

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Group E

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Arsenal Schalke Olympiakos Dinamo

Devlin's Player Of The Month:
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im gonna have to go with Jose Callejon, he's held the midfield very well, and got himself a few crackers of goals too, well done Jose!

Come back for the September Update From The Emirates Stadium!

Scotland News!

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Australia v Scotland
(L) 1-0
I was disappointed to be honest, of course i am, not the fact it's australia, just that we didnt even get a goal? i mean we have a decent strike force? hmmmm...i dunno.

Scotland Player Of The Month:
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James Forrest, he's getting the crosses in, just no contact from the strikers, but none the less its good to have a decent crosser.
Thanks for Reading guys, come back for September/October 2012, hope you enjoyed it, if so give me a like or rate, or leave a comment with your thoughts, or suggestions or anything, just tell me how i'm doing, it's much appreciated, thanks guys!

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Looking forward to this series.. Maybe we could see your tactics for Scotland and Arsenal, with current starting 11.. And for the future, it would be cool to see youth intake and who you think could challenge for a first team spot eventually from your youth since this is a part of your contract, but I'm sure you were going to do this anyways ;)
Looking forward to this series.. Maybe we could see your tactics for Scotland and Arsenal, with current starting 11.. And for the future, it would be cool to see youth intake and who you think could challenge for a first team spot eventually from your youth since this is a part of your contract, but I'm sure you were going to do this anyways ;)

Yeah, I plan on getting some of the u21's into the first team (scotland) this season, you know the likes of Gary Mackay-Steven, Jordan Rhodes, Johnny Russell etc. and I'll get the tactics, starting 11 (it's usually rotated due to the number of strikers) and both Scotland Youth and Arsenal Youth Teams out to you soon!
Thanks! Can't wait for this series to get going.
Thanks! Can't wait for this series to get going.

thanks mate! that actually means so much! lol, just knowing that one person is appreciating your work is amazing! thanks, and i cant wait to get it started either!
The report for the game against spurs was brilliant. Good luck.
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September 2012

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Stoke City FC v Arsenal FC
(L) 2-0
Right so here's how it goes: i tell the team, you have to win this one, and Falcao is like 'oh yeah, i can score all the goals' I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE **** HE WAS DOING ON THAT PITCH?! i don't know if he was texting his burd or what? i mean, maybe he had the PornHub app, but come on! at least save it for the showers...but yeah stoke played great, can't take that away from them. (F.Y.I - im not sure if theres a PornHub app, if there is get back to me ;))

Arsenal FC
v Norwich City FC
(w) 3-0
Falcao (28), Mertesacker (35), Wilshere (41)
Much better from the LADs, Falcao with a great solo effort (he then took his top off and asked me to take a pic of it so he can post it on twitter) then big bad per mertesacker! what even are you? guess how he scored? go on...guess! right fine, he scored a HALF VOLLEY FROM 18 YARDS!? PER MERTESACKER? and then jackie wilshere! oh! what a man! he ran into the box, 1 on 1, took it round the keeper, passed it into the net, and ran over to the fans! all in all a brilliant game!

Queens Park Rangers v Arsenal
(L) 4-2
Gibbs (23), Wilshere (80)
i know? what the ******* fuckity **** **** ******* ****? how the **** can that happpen? what the ****!

Arsenal v Manchester City
(w) 3-0
Falcao (37), Wilshere (38), Vermaelen (44), Vermaelen Sent Off (73)
Falcao, scoring as usual, wilshere brilliant, vermaelen, lucky he got his goal or i would have actually killed him. what a **** man, getting sent off against city? i mean come on! i dont get how we're losing to the wee teams and winning against the big teams? hmmm... i did change tactics for this game right enough, it seemed to work!

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Swansea on the bottom with only a point.

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Olympiakos vArsenal
(w) 3-1
Falcao (12), Lopez (51,89), Antonini (Sent Off 54)
yeaaaaaaaaaah! wooooooooo! Falcaoooooooooooo, Lopeeeeeeeeez! Antonini, you absolute ****.
great game, falcao at his best, lopez even better than falcao! antonini...what a ****...but anyway it boots us up to first in the table, just behind us is Schalke with the same points and goal difference. i think Schalke are the main challengers to be honest, but i hope we can do it! oh yeah and antonini...what an absolute ****.

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View attachment 311478Third Round

West Ham United
v Arsenal
(L) 2-1
Lopez (pen 47)

Devlin's Arsenal Player Of The Month:
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Falcao, guys a beast up front, no stopping him...unless he's texting or on PornHub :)

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September 2012

Scotland v Croatia
(L) 2-0

aye, even my own scotland are *****, this will be tough...

Belgium v Scotland
i am writing this genuinely before the game starts, all i can say is '**** this' i've just looked at the belgium team. lucky if we get away with less than 4 goals against us :(.

(D) 0-0
What the Fudgesicles? OMAG! i suppose them having a man sent off may have something to do with it but wow!
really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really, really,really,really,really,really,really,really,really,
Happy with the boys' performance tonight! that moves us up to 4th position, with 2 games gone, there's still a chance of Qualification!

Devlin's Scotland Player Of The Month:
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James McArthur, decent player, held the midfield very well ,amazing vision, good passing and long shots, all round team player!

Come Back For The October 2012 Update!


Arsenal v
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Scotland v
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and i'll also be giving you a look at my squads and tactics, youth intake, and training.
all this and more in October!
How do you guys like the save so far?a bit of feedback/ constructive criticism would be good!
It's enjoyable, a fun read with a good spin on the match reports. Gives me some ideas to improve my Up The Posh thread too. Lose at QPR then smash Man City? Really???
I know lol, thanks for the feedback, I think it may have been because I changed tactics after the QPR game