Mar 7, 2010
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I did the pentagon challenge last year and really enjoyed it. However, i thought to myself that the best part about it was playing as clubs you would not normally be. Therefore this year, i have come up with my own challenge. The Pentacontahenagon challenge. My challenge is to win the top division of all 51 fm nations. Starting unemployed you will jump from club to club trying to win as many leagues as possible.

The rules:
Start unemployed.
Sunday League Rep.
Load as many leagues as possible, you can add and remove as you go.

Good luck and have fun. I will keep a leaderboard here if anyone can complete it, (Ranking will be based on what year the challenge is completed).

Feel free to post updates or tips for the challenge here. Enjoy.
My first job is at Rangers (HKG) in the Hong Kong First Division. 5 games in, I am currently second 3 points off first. I hope to win the league this season as my squad is decent and good enough to win the league.
The Pentacontahegon Challenge isn't a suitable name IMO, I tried this challenge on FM12 (failed miserably) and I called it World Domination
I've always wanted to do this type of challenge so I'm going to start it on FM Classic and use Instant Result mode just to really speed through seasons.
Argentina leagues are first alphabetically so I'll start there.

Started unemployed with Sunday league experience.

Only job available was in the Second division which I ended up getting.

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I'll post up the league table every 1-2 months to show you how I get on.

Interested to see how quick a season can go using Instant Result.. (and if my tactic continues to work)