May 5, 2013
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Wonderkids in Football Manager are one of those subjects that are always discussed, they are the first thing we all look for in the first year. Nothing beats that feeling when you finally find that unbelievably player that no-one has found yet.

However sometimes we just want to have them gems at our disposal to find straightaway. So I have come up with a nice download so you can have all of the wonderkids in Football Manager 13 at your disposal straightaway.​
Of course these wonderkids will only reach their potential with the right training, game time along with many other factors. Yet we have handpicked all of these, and these are the ones we have seen time and time again reach their potential. No doubt you will know some, but some of them will no doubt be surprises.

Download Here

Great shortlist, really helped me!
Ill 2nd that, unlike most shortlists seem to have more than a a handfull of players not in that shortlist but found they were all great!! Hope your going to do the same for FM 14? Also do you have any other downloads??

Keep up the good work :)
Exactly what he said, however you can put it wherever you wish and just search for it when you load FM up.
I also found with this shortlist you can have even more of you load a few Asia leagues to your game and South Africa.
this is a really silly question but ive put in right documents but still cannot find it

where do i go when i click on player search ;(