Dec 19, 2008
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First things first, I am no tactical genius - I always, always download tactics and having discovered this forum a few months ago, I have visited daily and tried a whole range of tactics.

The reason for me posting a tactic is solely down to the bonkers nature of the one I have created. No tactical nous has gone in to this, I just picked a formation that would work with the players I have and let it go. I actually chuckle to myself during the matches now as it is so mad!

The history to this is mainly down to having used most of the top tactics on here and then buying players to fit in with that system. It also stems from my irrational fear of full backs; it's not that I don't like them, I just find them a bit boring!

I am not for one second saying that this tactic is a plug n play masterpiece. I have no idea if it will work with poor clubs with average players. In my game (NUFC), I am in my 6th season. I have won most things, I have a tycoon owner and have some of the worlds best players. Normally at this stage of the game I get a bit bored but I have a wonderful youth side and I'm hoping in 2 or 3 seasons' time I can have a completely new regen side.

I'll try to analyse the tactic I have created as best I can. I wanted to emulate the Barca way - sod defenders, just attack and batter the life out of them, regardless of the strength of opposition, home, or away.

I have 2 solid defenders; Zouma and Papadopoulos.

In the DMC roles I have Wanyama and Danilo, the latter not strictly a DMC but he 'was' my DR/WBR

In the supporting MC roles I have Thiago and Eriksen. Both superb.

In the AMR I have an ageing Ronaldo, the playmaker Gotze (who is seemingly made of glass) and in the AMR role Bale.

Up front is Neymar. Now I know, I know - with this side I should win everything anyway, and I kind of do. But I wanted to DESTROY sides and this tactic does it.

Yes, it is awful at defending but in fairness I seem to be getting 65% possession and around 40 shots on goal each game. I am scoring around 4 or 5 a game and conceding 1 or 2. Who cares about defence, lets Keegan it up a bit and make it fun.

Anyway, here it is for you to download, should you wish to try it!

The Way Forward.tac