Sep 3, 2012
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Wenger Resigns Following Pressure

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Today breaking news from Arsenal FC is that the second longest standing premier league manager Arsene Wenger has resigned following increasing pressure from fans after 7 years without silverware. The former manager held his final press conference to announce his resignation as he believed the fans deserved an explanation. He said the following:

"My time at Arsenal has been the best time of my career. We won so many things in the early years of my reign and the invincibles season of 2003-04 was the obvious highlight. However it is time for me to announce my resignation from my position as manager of Arsenal football club. This decision is not something that was easy to make but I have always said that I will do whatever I believe is right for the club that means so much to me and it is hard to accept but maybe it is time for someone else to lead this club to glory. I am unsure whether this is the end of my managerial career but I will definitely be taking a break to relax and learn from teams across the globe".

Sky sources are yet to announce an early favourite for the job but it is believed the fans are hoping this is the chance to take a huge leap forward and employ a huge name who will spend the money Wenger has built up over the years.

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Arsenal Announce Howard

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Just short of 24 hours has passed since the resignation of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal have already made the momentous decision on who will be his successor. An inexperienced youth, Adam Howard, 25, has landed the job after an ambitious application upset all the odds and was successful. The club had the following to say:

"We are delighted to announce the new Arsenal manager as Adam Howard. We would like to assure Arsenal fans that despite Adam's lack of experience his obvious passion and tactical knowledge is what we are sure will make him a huge success at this club. We understand there will be sceptics about this appointment and Adam himself understands this but we are certain that if given the chance Adam can lead this club to glory".

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Howard Talks the Talk

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"I would like to thank you all for joining me here in my introductory press conference today. I would first like to underline my intentions for the sceptical Arsenal fans. I understand there will be some doubt in their minds over my appointment but I can guarantee I will stop at nothing to lead this club back to their glory days. One thing that I think is essential for me to underline is my great admiration for him and his managerial methods. I am going to follow his methods and this may not be something that fans will want to hear but a limit of £15,000,000 has been agreed between me and the board per transfer. In accordance with this an emphasis on both our own and bought youth will be taken to continue the club's tradition of creating the stars of tomorrow. This however must be balanced with experienced players so I can assure the fans this club is not going to turn into a daycare centre. The final thing that must be made clear to the fans if the need for this club to continue its huge economic growth and profits will be assured every year and if not measures to help balance the books will have to be taken to ensure that this club can continue to grow. Football is not just a game, it's a business and it is important that we make the clubs accounts balance to ensure there is no loss in the clubs financial position over time. That will conclude my opening press release. I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and now it is essential that we all get our heads down for a busy pre-season".
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Howard Faces Mutiny?

Sky sources have reported a lack of harmony in newly appointed Arsenal boss Adam Howard's camp during this preseason with the players both mourning the loss of great Arsene Wenger and also a lack of respect for the former sunday league footballer. Howard always knew he would face an issue like this to win over both the fans and the players and it will be interesting to see how he copes with it. The obvious answer to this is that success is needed at the club to ensure he wins the hearts of every associated with the club.
Pre-Season and Signings

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Arsenal have signed none less than 5 new players this summer adding much needed depth to their ranks and rookie manager Adam Howard has stuck to his guns and concentrated predominantly on youth with the only over 21 to sign this summer is Mohammed Diame. Howard had the following to say on all of his signings:

"Everyone brought into this club this summer will have a part to play this season. It is obvious to see I aim to build for the future hence the young signings and hopefully if they perform then we could have unearthed the stays of tomorrow this summer. Both Deulofeu and Tello have a huge reputation to live up to as all Arsenal fans will remember the last big Barcelona youngster to sign for the club was the iconic Cesc Fabregas and it is important that players like that return to the club to ensure we push on to win silverware once more. There has also been some departures this summer mostly dead wood but also the loaning of Abou Diaby is a sad one, we all know he suffers greatly from his injuries and it is just not beneficial to have someone who spends that long on the operating table eating away at the wage budget so that had to be resolved. All in all though the squad is a lot stronger now so I hope we can push on and have successful season."

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As for the pre-season well that was a very easy one for the club. Howard ensured a busy pre season schedule with no less than 7 games against frankly sunday league teams that ensure easy wins for Arsenal to help build up confidence fitness and familiarity to the ethos the new manager is trying to instill.

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August 2012

Chelsea 0 - 0 Arsenal

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Arsenal 4 - 1 Liverpool

Giroud (2), Cazorla, Vermaelen

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League Table

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A solid month here with a fantastic defensive display against Chelsea limiting them to long range efforts at best and then to host Liverpool who were favourites to win and to show the class we did in our free flowing football was really please.

Champions League

This month also has seen the draw for the champions league and it certainly is not an easy one but it could have been a lot worse so we will have to play at our best to get through but I am convinced we can.

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Player of the Month

Thomas Vermaelen

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His defensive displays against Liverpool but mainly Chelsea really stood out.
Excellent start mate- will be following this! Nice to see some interesting young transfers. Tello and the Belgian lad I feel will be especially good for you!