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May 29, 2010
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First off, if admins find this too close to other threads, fair enough, close it down, but I think this is a subject which only seems to be answered by individual 'help me threads', and only half covered by suggested roles for my player, and who to buy who to sell. A bit stronger than your indispensable players, I take a look at managment from a different perspective. Rather than downloading one of the many superstar tactics on this forum, take a step back, and see who your best players are first, then build your tactic around them.

Use of this thread

The real aim here, is not only to see who your best players are, but it should also give you an idea of their strengths, their weaknesses, and in accordance with such, you should be able to decide who the best signings would be to accommodate and get the best out of said players.

The rest, I leave up to you. I realise this is a very subjective thread, and should be treated as such.

In my experience, you won't find more than three players max to really build a team around.

N.B THIS IS NOT A REPEAT OF SUGGESTED ROLES FOR PLAYERS. Whilst it gives you a good idea of how best to play a player, this thread does not incorporate the global idea of strengths and weaknesses of a player, who they need to support them to unleash their best, and how to adjust sliders and individual settings to free up the best attributes not necessarily covered by adv playmaker role, targetman etc.

Nor is this considered to be a team guide. What it will do however, is provide you with a snapshot starting point for your new team.

Try and stick to template used below. Any suggestions to improve the thread are welcome.

Team Name:
Player Name:
Best results:
Suggested signings:


I'll get the ball roling on my past experiences:

West Brom:
Player: Chris Brunt
Strengths: great passing, crossing, long shots.
Weaknesses: very slow for a winger, hinders his dribbling and beating the last man, not the best stamina in the world
Best results: Advanced playmaker, support on the left wing set running from deep and runs with ball often both to rarely
Suggested signings: A quick left/ wing back with good acceleration pace, and passing, and a Tall target man with great heading and jumping
Why: On his usual settings, don't be surprised if you see him down to 70% condition by half time, limiting his runs should help improve this, not only that but the support duty will mean he will try his crosses from deep, where he doesn't always need to beat his man.
A quick left back will give him more options and support on the overlap if he can't beat his man, and his passing will ensure Brunt gets plenty of supply to whip those trademark crosses in from deep, to the big targetman who can put them in the back of the net, giving him that vital assist stat we crave.

I'm not at home on FM at the moment, otherwise I would provide a screenshot with stats provided, Shall update later