The Worlds Best Game. When do I get my medal?

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Apr 3, 2013
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1370 games played. Win ratio: 73%
19 Premier Leagues, 11 Community Shields (8 defeats), 4 Euro Super Cups (twice runner up), 7 Champions Leagues, 5 FA Cups (3 times runner up), 6 Capital One Cups (twice runner up), 5 Club World Championships.
73 Manager of the Months. 15 Manager of the Years (6 runner up)

Worst cheats:
1. In my fourth season I went completely trophyless, including going out of the Champions League group stages and then not taking the Europa League seriously. After this, from around March onwards I began to holiday game by game.
2. I was drawing 0-0 with Aston Villa in a Capital One Cup Quarter Final when my friend went aggressive on my team talk as a wind up and I lost. I saved and loaded and won the game. I later lost the tournament anyway and my sore one was completely pointless.

Highest Wins:
7-0 vs Aston Villa. 10-0 vs Valencia. 8-1 vs Newcastle. 7-0 vs Copenhagen. 7-0 vs Blackburn. 7-0 vs West Brom. 7-0 vs Newcastle. 7-0 vs Werder Bremen. 7-0 vs Qarabag Agdam. 13-0 vs Brighton. 8-0 vs Stoke. 7-0 vs Liverpool. 8-0 vs Aston Villa. 7-0 vs Sunderland. 9-0 vs Brighton. 7-0 vs Wigan. 9-0 vs Fulham. 9-1 vs Chelsea. 8-0 vs Brighton. 8-1 vs Liverpool. 7-0 vs Newcastle. 7-0 vs Al-Alhi. 8-0 vs Wolves. 7-0 vs Viktoria Plzen. 8-1 vs Brighton. 7-0 vs Liverpool. 9-0 vs Stoke. 9-1 vs Rapid Wien. 7-0 vs Crewe. 9-2 vs Chelsea. 8-0 vs Zeljeznicar. 8-0 vs Wigan. 9-1 vs Huddersfield. 7-0 vs Stoke. 10-0 vs Club Brugge. 10-1 vs Oxford.
That was me restricting the 'highest wins' to 7 goals+, there's a serious amount of games 5 and 6 goals.

Biggest Defeats:
7-2 vs Chelsea. 8-1 vs Chelsea. 8-1 vs Lyon.

Best Game(s):
Champions League Semi Final vs Lyon.
I was torn apart in the away leg and lost 8-1 in France. With little hope I played my strongest team in the return leg. Amazingly I was well on my way towards reaching the potential to go through at extra time as I entered half time 4-0 up, making the score 8-5 on aggregate. I scored immediately on the restart and in the 60th minute was awarded a penalty....
Achille Ngon (a regen who won the Golden Ball 8 years in a row) stepped up.....
He hit the bar. There were no highlights for the remaining half an hour.
I went out 8-7 on aggregate. Words cannot describe.

Whats left to do?
Amazingly I have yet to be approached by England. Not once have they offered me the job.
Brendan Rodgers, Michael Laudrup, Leonid Slutskiy (won the World Cup), Aykt Kocaman, Eddie Howe and Jordan Jones have all been given the honour.

I am the greatest.
I'm sorry to bruise your ego but I've seen far better achievements on the story thread, and I think my achievements with Celtic might trump what you did with Man Utd. However having said that, it is impressive so well done!
I agree with Celticthroughandthrough88, it's not that hard playing with Man Utd, but that's incredible devotion to get 23 years into it!
Yip not really hard with Man Utd, but agree its a **** of a long time to do it. I would get bored after first season with a club like that tbh.

Well done ... for sticking it out mate.
Im not going to be sarcastic, so congrats its very impressive

Maybe a more difficult challenge, and youd get more respect frot the guys here.

Check out the San Marino challenge for example
oi lads, i don't honestly care it's a game, please don't try to get too upset xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well this thread is a disaster.

Anyways, should go in the post your success thread.

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