The Yellow Line - The Ups and Downs of A Football Manager


Nov 7, 2016
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(Calm) “That’s it. I’m finishing up guys, I’m gonna start managing.”
(Cautious) “Where? Who’ll take you? You’ve got no qualifications, and only played with us beer-lovers on Sundays, and you’re a normal-looking cripple”
(Aggressive) “I’ll be managing long after you’re forgotten at this old shack”

And that’s how it started. My whole journey started with my injury in 2014. The rehab and that took it out of me, and now I’m back to my only passion. Football. So, with my folder by my side I chose to look at Australia, New Zealand and the UK (England, Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales). With my applications, I wanted to keep my base local (within a 2 hr drive), and to places where I have family. So, with that in mind I applied for the following vacancies on the 8th​ of January 2016 (my managerial “debut” at this point):

* Albury United * Albury Hotspurs * Beenleigh FC * Cobram SC * Cobram Victory
* Gold Coast United * Kyneton District SC * Logan City Strikers * Logan City Kings
* Logan United FC * Logan Village FC * Loganholme FC * Shepparton SC
* Shepparton South * Shepparton United * St Pat’s FC * Tatura SC
* Twin City Wanderers * Wagga City Wanderers * Wangaratta City
* Wodonga Diamonds

And as soon as I sent my resumes out, I checked the bookies markets to see who I was up against in a few of the jobs. To my surprise, I saw that I was favourite in multiple markets:
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Then I was linked with the Beenleigh, Kyneton, Wagga City and Shepparton Utd positions:
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I was then asked at the end of the day about the speculation of me taking on the Beenleigh role, which lead to this headline the next morning:
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*** END OF PART 1 ***

This is my first story for FM so any hints, tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated.