May 12, 2013
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They Call Me The Replacer
My name is Raul Fernandez. You will know me well, I played for my favourite club Valencia, I played for Arsenal, I played for Lyon, I played for AC Milan whom are all world class clubs. I realised at the age of 34 that football is a young man's game. It kills me to admit that. But when I retired in 2006 I earned my UEFA Continental License and I am a top coach. I am called in to fix the mess that ex managers leave their clubs in. I am on a mission to fix many clubs and cement myself as the greatest manager of all time. My story begins, my destination unknown.
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Former Spain international Raul Fernandez has signed a contract to manage AS Saint-Etienne until the end of the season. Fernandez acted swiftly in terminating the contracts of all staff. Fernandez has no managerial experience but has worked as a coach with many clubs in the past two years such as Everton, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Sociedad. Fernandez has yet to comment on his appointment but the Saint-Etienne board have released a statement.
"AS Saint-Etienne are delighted to announce the appointment of Spanish coach Raul Fernandez. Fernandez enjoyed a glittering career on the pitch and has a very high reputation as a coach off the pitch. He will be our first 'Head Coach' and we are sure he will succeed in his role. We have made the decision to appoint a coach in line with our transition from 'Manager' to 'Head Coach'. We believe this is the start of a new era at the club with a superb coach and his knowledge of France, Spain, England and Italy will bring a massive boost to the club.
Raul Fernandez was quick to make at his unveiling as AS Saint-Etienne's new head coach. Fernandez commented on the club's dip in form and promised to change that swiftly.
FERNANDEZ: The club haven't done very well recently but they haven't been terrible. We have to work hard if we want to finish at the top. There are four spaces for European football. Just four. Three Champions League and one Europa League. The super teams are Paris Saint-Germain, AS Monaco, Lyon and Marseille. They are expected to finish in those places every season and the players have to win and perform to join the elite. PSG and Monaco they spend spend spend to get to the top but we can show the world that money doesn't always buy victory.
REPORTER: So with you saying the club haven't done so well do you blame the players or the former manager.
FERNANDEZ: First of all, it's none of my business. I can't blame anybody. I have spent the first part of the season focusing on coaching Real Soecidad and then I got the call to come here. I am here to change the poor form. I am the Replacer, I am here to fix the damage left behind and replace the damage to a point where it can't be damaged again. I intend to fix his club and make it the best in France, when I feel I have achieved that I will move on but for now, my focus is on Saint-Etienne. Nothing else.