Dec 13, 2009
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June 2011: As manager of Everton, I'm waiting for my TV-money to get some players.

In my inbox there's an announcement of 46m euro.

When I check my finances, my balance hasn't increased. Not in june, neither in the following months.

June 2012: Same story. I did however get my Champions League - TV-money, but again, no PL - TV-money.

Has somebody had the same problem?
Yeah had it with Rangers though in the first season they put the money into the club but after that nothing and they dont give me transfer money either i ask them whenever I can for money and then beg them but they tell me no.

Now in my 5th season the only way i'm getting players is if I sell my own first.

I have had an EL final and a CL semi-final won the Fa Cup 3x League Cup 4x SPL 2x

I think I might hand in an ultimatum at the end of the season if I figure out how to do it ?
The strange thing is that I'm allowad to spend a whole lot of money (transfer budget = 40m, while balance = 15m).

So I think the TV-money has been taken into account when determing my transfer budget, but it just isn't there ..
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brj2UkUPjCI&feature=related"]YouTube - they took our jobs[/ame]
you get that money through the season, you don't get it at once. That's why you'll have huge profit...