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Thinking on new monitor and keyboard...

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
I have my eyes set on one of either; but I'm going to give a chance to get sugestions as I'm not quite convinced with either.

- Monitor:

I hace a 17'' Dell SE175SWP or something like that. The placement is horrid at mid day hours, as then the sun is in my back on a light wall and I can't see anything more than reflections. Real solution is to change placement, but every change of orientation has a sever draw back. Even so ideally I would have to buy a new table, but that's another matter.

Currently when the screen is displaying a black or very dark area (like default skin background) I see small "waves" rolling down the screen (may it be 60Hz is too low/high and just that) and from something I read looking at something else, that may be a symptom that the monitor is nearing its end (though otherwise it works well). I'm also kind of liking the idea of just having a monitor a little bigger.

Now, my table is small and the monitor is like 65cm away. So, any recommendation regarding if 19'' or 18.5'' is too big? Is there some with 75Hz refresh rate support (I read that is good for the eyes, but would it be bad for image quality)? Do you know of some monitor in that size range (I definitely don't want smaller than 17'' and can't fit bigger than 19'' nor I want one like that this close) that is good about reflections? Is that symptom not really what I read about "waves rolling down the monitor" meaning ending its life cycle and my monitor should still have a long life to go (though if there's one really good against reflections it may be worth even if this one is still healthy)?

- Keyboard:

This definitely is failing more with the passage of time. It's very often keys don't get pressed correctly and I have to go back to correct something. It's still serviceable but it's starting to get annoying at times.

Is there some good keyboard in the range 46-52cm wide? Preferably lowish height (<4cm)? With the < and > keys beside the z (this may be a feature in Spanish keyboards though, so don't worry about it if so, unless you're to talk about one you do know how is in Spanish layout)? It must be qwerty.

Also, a good seller you know can send to Spain?