This error keeps popping up!! please help, i can't play FM13 because of it.


Feb 20, 2013
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Firstly i apologise for posting it here and not in the technical thread, i went their first and almost 95% of the posts have no replies at all. So i'll post here where more of you seem to be. This issue is stopping my game from playing and keeps popping up. I'm, no wizzkid of pc guru or FM expert, so what the **** is it and how do i remove it? Its stopping me play my game. Any help would be great.

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Anti-virus? I couldn't even load my game properly until I got an anti-virus installed
I've got anti virus installed, and nothing running in the background. Also, i've not downloaded ANY skins, player packs, club badges... anything except a few tactics that work ok.

I've never had this problem before. It first appeared this morning, and i've had it three times since. On 3 different games. My first game which i didn't save (just kept playing) so i've lost that game now. And any other game i start, that error pops up.

Its chinese to me, i've no idea what that means or where it is. As i say i'm no expert on pc's and know nothing. I just like FM. Is my game broken?