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This is a call for your players!

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(This is also posted in the database request thread http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f104/the-custom-database-editing-request-thread-t49136/page10.html)

I'm asking for you to send me any custom DBs that you've created that include custom, user-generated players. Just send me the file either here on private message and tell me what team the custom players are on and I'll do all the work in cleaning it out so I can merge it with my database. I need a lot of players for my 6-tier USA league to fill in the teams, many of which were put in the game with no players at all. Several of the teams are upper level and the regens that FM makes won't cut the mustard.

Spare some players? Help me out! Send me your databases that have custom players in them and tell me where I can find those players in your db. Any nationalities! Any ages! Any names!

Thanks for your help! Keep sending them in we're getting there!


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Dec 20, 2008
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It's going to be impossible to get 5000 players from people's requests. FM will create regens to fill the teams, maybe you can create 30/40 good players but you don't need to do so many.


You're right. 5000 is a stretch. Let's rework it.

The FM Regens are unsuitable and I would only allow them as amateurs. Subract 500 because I'll accept them as amateurs. I have to fill the rosters of 2 premiere teams and about 10 upper division teams and the regens that are made for those teams are deplorable. So that's at least 121 players I need right there (the regens can be backups, fine).

Then, since I'm going for a big USA league, my semi-pro teams, all 84 in all, need to be better than the regen amateurs. Add at least 900. Again, let the backups be regens.

Youth league - forget about it. I'll just up the youth academies and get the regens next year.

So I need at least 1021 players! 900 with a CA between 40-75 and 121 with a CA between 75-140 If you have any, send them my way please! It'll save me a lot of time because I'm not stopping until these teams are fit for play!

Send me ideas on how to meet this goal through other means if you can muster them! Also links to other player databases. I'm willing to accept other nationalities of custom players as I'll just add america as a 2nd nationality (hey, america is a melting pot right?)


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Hey I found a solution - Adjusting the Reputation of the teams in 'details' will affect the quality of the generated players. For a second division team, a reputation of 50 will generate mostly players with almost completely <less than 10 attributes. A reputation of 10000 will generate a good number of players with several >greater than 10 attributes.

This will save me a lot of time!