cool :D

Name : Burnley
Formation name: One man show
League : EPL
Ambition: Winner
Star Player : Ronaldo
Attack fase
basicly one man formation. Ronaldo does it all. Score, assist, even helps in defence. A true complete foward. Rest of my team stay only in defence, beside Cairney.
GK is set to def collect by Bikey, his passing is simple, so he looks for Crainey and Crainey tries killer ball for Ronaldo. If Ronaldo gets ball to his feet, it is a goal!!
Defense fase
Everyone, beside Cairney goes back. I like to play direct, slow and narrow football. It works just fine.
thats it.. :)
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Team Name: Burnley

Formation DescriptionBasic 4-3-3 with poacher)

League: n-power Championship

Ambition for the season: Promotion

Star Players: Mcdonald, Eagles, Patterson

Image: Above
Team Name: Napoli
Formation Description: 4-5-1. I've set the tactics to letting the oppositon push players forward due to my team standing-off them, then using my defence to pass to my DM, who will then play the ball to the inside forwards, who will either score or pass to Lavezzi. Currently scored 13 goals & 2 condeded in 4 games, where one of them was a 0-0 against Milan. Might be uploading soon.
League: Serie A
Ambition for the season: Push towards the top 4, currently 5th.
Star Players: Hamsik, Lavezzi, Cavani, Howedes.

Team Name: Cheltenham Town
Formation Description: 433/451
League: n-power Championship
Ambition for the season: Consolidate
Star Players: Ahmed Sounkouna, David Beckham, Scott Loach


Team Name: Celtic
Formation Description: A 4-2-4 with 2 DMC instead of 2 MC.
League: SPL
Ambition for the season: Win
Star Players: Vanucci [Regen], Rodríguez, Samaras.

[Goalie is Luis Guilherme.]
Team Name: AS Roma
Formation Description: Pylon (My own 4-2-3-1)
League: Serie A 2017 (Won 130 goals 10 Conceeded)
Ambition for the season: Won everything
Star Players: Carlos (Regen), Babacar

Team Name: Tottenham Hotspur
Formation Description: 4-5-1
League: Premier League
Ambition for the season: Top 4 Finish
Star Players: G Bale, R Van der Vaart

Team Name: Hajduk Split
Formation Description: 4-3-2-1 Attacking formation. The first time I tried this tactic with Hajduk in first season I won the League, Cup, Super Cup, and got to the Quarter Final of UEFA Europa League after 1-0 home leg and 3-3 away leg against Shakhtar. I'm thinking of uploading this tactic to this forum.
League: 1.HNL
Ambition for the season: Winner
Star Players: Anas Sharbini, Ante Vukušić, Ananias, Armend Dallku
Image: Above
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Team Name: Newcastle United
Formation Description:4-2-2-2

League:premier League
Ambition for the season:Top 4
Star Players:Defour, Jones, Carroll
Image: Above
Team Name: Man Utd
Formation Description: 4-1-1-3-1
League: Premier League
Ambition for the season: 1st
Star Players: Rooney/Bale


Didn't know how to draw arrows :S​
Hi, This is my first time posting in the forums, just can't help noticing your best 11. This my starting eleven, with subs like lennon(M/AM L), dos santos (AM(RLC) ST), Federic Vilar (GK), Van Daart (M/AM LC), I. Camacho (DM, MC), Riise (D/W/M L), Necid (ST), Fazio (D, DM, M C)

TEAM- Tottenham Hotspurs
Formation - Total Football Style (Legendary Netherlands Formation) with 3 Versions (thinking of posting my tactics soon) very fluid style
League - English Premier League
Star Players - Modric, Bale, Cardozo, Defoe
Super Subs - Necid, and riise
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Team Name: Paris Saint-Germain
Formation Description:
Ligue 1
Ambition for the season:
UEFA Champions League qualification
Star Players: Mathieu Bodmer, Nene and Guillame Hoarau

Team Name: Borussia Dortmund
Formation Description: 4-1-2-2-1 Asymmetric
League: Bundesliga
Ambition for the season: Finish in the top 4 and get into the Europa league knockout stages
Star Players: Lucas Barrios, Nuri Sahin, Mats Hummels and Neven Subotic
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Team Name: Real Madrid
Formation Description: 4-1-2-3
League: Primera Division
Ambition for the season: Won everything
Star Players: Iker Casillas, Pepe, Gonzalo Higuain, Cristiano Ronaldo


Team Name: Tottenham
Formation Description: 4-2-3-1/4-3-3
League: Barclays Premier League
Ambition for the season: Top 4 finish
Star Players: Dzeko, Van Der Vaart, Modric
Team Name: Southampton F.C
Formation Description: MrHough's 4-1-2-3
League: Premier League
Ambition for the season: Top Half Finish
Star Players: Robert Acquafresca, Marc Torrejon, Ondrej Mazuch, Sandro, Mauro Boselli.

Acquafresca and Boselli not wingers, names wouldnt fit in correctly.

Team Name: Genoa
Formation Description: 4-5-1
League: Serie A
Ambition for the season: Top 6
@Icelander, really cool team there mate!

Team Name: Arsenal
Formation Description: 4-2-3-1. Playing with attacking full-backs, Sissoko as DM, and Fabregas just ahead as a ball winning midfielder. Then Nasri as a Playmaker, and Arshavin and Sanchez as wingers. Van Persie is the poacher. Working a treat. Walcott starts on the bench for most matches but comes on around 75 mins in most games.
League: Barclays Premier League
Ambition for the season: Top 2 finish
Star Players: Diego Alves, Adil Rami, Samir Nasri, Alexis Sanchez

fabregas as a ball winner is a real waste! playmaker all day!
Team Name: Manchester United
Formation Description: 4-2-4 - Dominates possession and scores loads of goals. 71 goals in 29 games with only 11 conceded.
League: Premier League
Ambition for the season: Premier League Winners (Currently 1st)
Star Players: Rooney, Nani, Fletcher.