Thngs That Work, Match Engine Exploits etc.


Nov 4, 2009
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I have found with FM2013 so far, that there are not too many exploits like corners near post as there were with 2012. On FM12 3 up front, narrow was the way to go for the best shape.

I am looking to compile details of what works on FM2013 with the aim of putting a tactic together particularly for smaller and mid table teams to punch above their weight! So far a high defensive line with off side and counter attack ticked I have noticed has been used on a lot of the better tactics in the forum.Is this the case for a lot of you? What is the best formation shape? The best configuration for attacking set pieces?

If you have noticed something that works for you, post it here and lets see what can be created tactically as a collaboration!
Dont think there are any exploits (hence the lack of tactic uploads from the so called past "geniuses" ) but from my experience a rigid, quick, direct system tends to be more favoured than a possession esque system.
I've found a bit of the opposite.
I've found that deep defensive lines without offside trap are most successful for underdogs this year.
I've also found that two defensive midfielders helps a lot defensively. I agree with regards to counter attacking.

The truth is, I don't think there are any exploits this year.
Any tactic which has the right players in the right roles which is based on good footballing principles work well and in most occasions punch above their weight IF you actually manage your team, watch your games and change training around from time to time.

One thing I have found for sure this year is that classic tactics seem to function better than reg tactics.
Overload as a match philosophy
Formations with wing backs
Sweeper behind two cbs
I've seen from other tactics i've looked at that 3 at the back looks good. Thanks for the feedback so far guys.
What about the wings? Inside Forward or touchline huggers? Previously SI never got inside forwards right for me with their settings.