Apr 13, 2011
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Three Lions
World Cup 2014 Qualification
17th July 2012
Roy Hodgson ready for Wold Cup qualifiers

"It's time to build a new England"

The penalties struck again as England found themselves knocked out of Euro 2012 but it was not too much of a surprise to the fans. It has taken time but the English have come to terms that the side are just not as good as a lot of the major in the world. There was a hint of bad luck that saw them lose to Italy but their opponents had been the better side. Having been so shortly after Chelsea's defensive win of the Champions League, some fans believed the same could be done with England but knocked out they were and now Roy Hodgson has the chance to really show what he can give to the national side.

The England coach looked in positive spirits when interviewed, speaking of moving England forward and looking forward to what should be a bright future. Some of the signs were there in the Euros that Hodgson might have what it takes to get England going while there were other signs that England will just keep plodding along, as they have done for the past many years.

The key points that seemed to come out was that the supposed Golden Age was over and that Hodgson was determined to get solid foundations for bringing in a strong youthful side with a blend of experience to get them on their way. It seemed that Hodgson really wanted to force that no one had a right to play in the side and that every position had to be earned through strong performances for club and country.

Roy Hodgson had this to say,

"Right now, it's time to build a new England. We need to really work from right at the bottom. The style that England show could be classed as outdated and we need the young stars of the country to really be playing football as it should be played. You only have to look at Belgium to gain inspiration that working on the grassroots really can build a new future."

Roy Hodgson wants to bring in a new style to England but will it happen? His next game in charge sees England face Algeria in a friendy at Wembley in August before kicking off the World Cup qualification with games against Moldova and Poland.