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Tic Tac Tics and Player Roles


Nov 28, 2009
Hi guys,

So having played FM 16 a lot using only a standard 4-2-3-1 or a plug and play 4-4-2 I found it difficult to stay the pace of any save and last more than a season or 2.

The enjoyment I got from FM 15 came from a slightly quirky tactic that I stumbled into. A 3-4-2-1 using a Shadow Striker and Advanced Playmaker along with a Poacher.

So now that my FM 16 career is winding down and I have a bit of time between finishing college and finding a job, I was wondering about a few different tactics and player roles that I've always skimmed over for the more common roles and formations.

Can any of you of the FM Base community help me with some advice on some of the below? Links to articles etc are appreciated to help further my knowledge and any links to tactics would be terrific.

Has anyone actually used a sweeper as part of a back 3? Specifically the Libero role.

Does a Regista actually work? Or should it always be a Deep Lying Playmaker?

Is a Regista and Anchorman a terrible combination as Defensive Midfielders along with a Box to Box Centre Midfielder?

Has anyone found success with a Raumdeuter as opposed to the Inside Forwards?

False 9's? Was trying a Roma tactic and the inventor the false 9 Totti struggled badly. Is there a specific way to play them?

Finally what would be the most quirky tactic you have used which found success?

I look forward to picking your brains further and hopefully developing a fantastic tactic to try out and maybe take going forward into FM 17.