Jul 30, 2008
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I'm having trouble editing the ticket prices for Irish teams. In the editor I can make them whatever price I like, but when I start a game they are always at £9, when I'm trying to make them about £30-40. At first I though this might be a glitch related to the fact that I have increased the number of teams in the league so I also changed the season ticket prices at this formula, the number of home games multiplied by the price of a single game, say for example £35. This also didn't work so I left the season ticket price empty hoping it would sort itself out. Alas, it still shows up as £9 for every league club. I've been using the editor a good few years now and think myself fairly competent on it, but this issue has me truly stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have put a lot of time and effort into this edit.

Thanks in advance.
i got same problem for FM 2013, need help please...