Nov 21, 2008
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Can i change my ticket price in the middle of the season? Ty
I don't think you can change them anyways without using an editor.
I think you can do it on FMRTE though.
You can only do it on FMRTE during the season , if you use the Data Editor you'll have to start again for them to apply
i wouldnt of thought the fans would take too kindly to tht if it could be done
Didn't know you could change the ticket price at all?
I try to find that option in FMRTE, but i couldnt. Any help? Best regards
This is cheating, you might as well just add a few million to your bank balance as do that
a very good point you may aswell do this much easier option if you need money that bad but would ruin the game for me cheating
No no no, thats not cheating, if u change ur price tickets,your fans will not come in large numbers to match, and thats risk. Changing price, u could lose ur fans, but if u need money, thats good way to earn money