Time for the step into management?


Nov 5, 2010
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What a restless night! The sun beaming in through the window as I lay in bed, mind racing. All of these ideas in my head but on the other hand the "other half" of me thinking it's best not to get involved in the stressful life of Football Management. I had a wonderful Career spanning twenty one years! To play with massive clubs such as Ajax, Barcelona and Glasgow Rangers was an honour. Also to finish my career with Al- Shamal Sports Club with a very generous pay pack in Qatar was a great experience. Why put myself in the deep end of Football? Why not just live easy for the rest of my days? It's questions I really need to ask myself before I commit to anything. I jump into a quick shower and then get ready to go downstairs for some breakfast still thinking about going into management and as I walk by the Television I happen to notice that Paul Lambert has been confirmed as the new manager of Aston Villa thinking to myself that guy has done really well for himself. I played against Paul in a few of the famous Old Firm derbies, despite the rivalry I thought he was a real nice guy, a grafter of the midfield and a leader. What the heck I'm going for it I want to have a crack at management!

I put the phone down after a long talk with my brother and he thinks I should go for it too, he is doing well for himself so why couldn't I? I wouldn't expect to walk into a high reputation job straight away but I like to set my target as high as I can, I have belief I could pull it off and secure a good Job. Well there's always the Norwich City job since Paul has just left, Brendan Rodgers has left Swansea so why not have a crack and apply for that? sc Heerenveen are looking for a manager in my home country I could try my luck with them. I will get in contact with my agent and get them to organise a short list of Job I could apply for and I will take it from there.

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