Timing of Player Retirement

Jan 29, 2010
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I completely understand that players want to retire from International Football.

However, my goalkeeper Marco Amelia decided that he will retire from International Football half an hour before the World Cup Final....

And that's not just with a future date in mind, it came with immediate effect!



Has any one else had this?

I was going to post this in the annoyance thread but thought it was strange enough to warrant a thread of its own.
I was going to post this in the annoyance thread
This could be in Random/Funny stuff thread as well for that matter, sorry to here it mate. Sounds really ridiculous. I never had that myself on such a short notice. Did your 2nd goalie make you win the game or was he injured to make this story even more dramatic?

All i can think of that Amelia thinks it's the end of the season in Italy or any other country he plays in in your game and 'forgot' he was in the WC Final :D, but that wouldn't end on July 15th i believe.

Did you still win?

One more option: SI put in some Chinese gambling Mafia in the background of the game to buy people off not to play.
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Never had this, but you just wouldn't would you, biggest game of your career and you retire half hour before, imagine this hassle you would get off fans :mad:
Now its the end of the season, so he retires, it takes immediate effect :p
unlucky for me marco amelia didn't retire until he was 38 so..... unlucky
thats really harsh man, i think wonder manager maybe right tho, it was like end of season so it just happens maybe? still, i think thats thread worthy, what a *******!! :(
Well like the guy above said it is the end of the season so he will retire and he is like 36 years so yeah it aint like he was young ;)