Tips for surviving in the Premier League?


Jan 8, 2013
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Anyone got any tips for surviving in the premier league, say with a recently promoted team or generally weak squad? I got Blackburn promoted but after that I couldn't get them winning and eventually resigned out of frustration.
I would always say attack, in January 2015 and currently 7th with a couple of games in hand with my Bournemouth team, I would also place great emphasise on buying quality players in vital areas, you also need a lot of luck!
I went with some prem experienced player im wolves so i still have most my players really all in all just look at the top leagues for players you can sign but only sign 3-4 so ur team is mostly the same helps with gelling just slowly bleed your new players in
Take your time in pre-season searching for better players. Putting in the time there can unearth some gems at bargain prices maybe even free transfers. You need the quality to stand a realistic chance.
when i get promoted i like looking at the teams that have been relegated from the league your going into and you can usually find some good ones and you'll be able to get them cheaper because most players will want to stay in the league and expessially if they have a relegation release clause.
Try looking through international teams, if you select view 'general info' or 'contract info', you can see the value of the players. Found loads of gems on my Pompey save, especially when looking through the Scandanavian teams and leagues.