Jan 5, 2013
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Hi guys

I've started a new save with Man Utd in the new update and I wondered if anybody had any tips on how to reduce players' wage demands? I've had an offer for Fellaini accepted but can only offer up to £74,000. If anybody has a tip on how to get him for cheaper, that would be great :)
hes on 130k a week with me on spurs from second season plus 15k appearance fee goal bonus and team of the year bonus
Try offering a higher agent/loyalty fee and giving him clauses, ie yearly wage increase
How much are you paying for fellaini? If you have some spare transfer budget left you could increase the wage budget which you can then use to offer him more wages, if you can't get him to accept a 74k a week wage.
Minimum fee release clauses that you'd be quite happy if a club hit are great as they can halve wage demands, literally. Also seasonal landmark goal bonuses that they aren't going to reach, the less likely to score the less goals it takes to trigger, lowers negotiation by a few grand.
Whilst I've only been managing lower league clubs, I've noticed players accept lower wages if you give them a Minimum Fee Release clause.
Yes minimum fee release clause is the key to get them to accept lower demands