Tips on selling players/loaning players?


Mar 19, 2010
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I have some players that I don't need/want to loan out but no one will buy them/loan them. Do you guys have any tips?

Even if I try to sell a player at face value, no one buys him. Even if I try to loan some players for free, no one loans him. Any tips? They are not bad players 2+ stars.

Are you in a big club or a smaller one? If you are in a small club those players are just not good enough for any team I suppose.
The problem is usually the players not wanting to go to clubs with lesser reputations, and that's why those clubs don't bother making an offer.
At least that's what's happening to me. Even if someone makes an offer, the player won't leave. Maybe everyone having me as favored personnel doesn't help :D
But theoretically putting his status to not needed should help. I'm also guessing that telling the player he'll be sold would also be beneficial, as he can either accept right away or get mad at you and leave want to leave anyway... And if you really can't sell try selling for free.
If their wages are quite high then it will put lower league clubs off because they cannot afford to pay the wages, also like the guy above says, there might just not be anybody that wants them..
The 11.2 patch has changed the "offer player" tool, now you more often than not get a team interested in buying your player. I recommended waiting at least 12 months after signing a player to sell him otherwise nobody will be interested.
Many teams are interested in agger including juventus, man city, lyon.. but none are making offers .. anyideas what i could do?
It sounds like your still facing the problem from the old patch, update to the new 11.2.1 patch, see if that helps.
the update is ment to have fixed that problem

the update did not fix that issue,. It fixed the one where most players from other clubs were offered around for peanuts. The only thing they changed with the sale of players was more clubs will be interested, but their bids are in most cases even worse than before the patch, bidding less than the market value of your player or just wanting to loan them.
The patch note on the fix regarding sale for players was extremely vague to begin with ('Fixed some issues to make it easier to offload players via the use of offer to clubs').
Sometimes, you just have to rescind their contracts.

I did that to Ronaldinho in Milan. Leeching off a massive 215000 per week salary, and wasn't playing at all.