Tips & Tricks when tactic seems off.


Nov 27, 2009
As of late one can brows the different tactic forums and read post after post that this don't work for this or that team, league or nation.
Pointed at the patches and ME inventing strategies to put you out of your place.

at best the average of this is correctly assumed and one can only pray to the gods of FM to reinvent the new Diablo tactic for free wins and countless holiday trophies.

But there is something the manager an do, should do and must do to achieve greatness in this game, and that is to manage!

Here is a few basic tips & tricks i have that can be helpfull to share.

- As of this years FM, training has been changed and many people as for training schedules.

The easy option is to set the assman to do the job and he will do an okay job, but you can help him.
Just simply have him set up the schedules, and every month, go in and change it up as you see fit and make sure you push your players.
If you want improvements they need to train hard, and as Bustthenet put it on youtube. drive them hard!
specially in pre season, make sure you have enough endurance training so your team is in top notch shape when the season starts.
you might get a few injuries but that's part of the game, the overall benifits are much greater, i can assure you!

- Make sure your staff is at the highest possible level you can achieve!

Always check if better staff is available and don't get to attached to them as you should be swiftly able to terminate their contract when better options present themselves.

- Morale/Dynamics

Morals plays a huge part to this years release, and you should strive to keep the players happy. If you have a hard time maybe its because you have to many players to manage or that you made a promise that's impossible to keep. Try to avoid this as its the only situation i have discovered that takes a lot of work to get out of.
So how can we keep the players happy?
Prais them ingame when they score goals (i normaly praise whole team if i go up with a 2nd goal)
Prais them for training efforts
and prais them for good conduct when they are upset and back off their concern when you talk to them.
it will benifit you a lot!

Also make sure you have team leaders, good personalities to the best of your abileties.
Often picking between two or 3 players when making a signing that is whats most important.

- Roles (NEW)

As for this year Roles has more impact on the game than past years, specially defensively.
As of personal testing i have found as example having a WINGBACK on attack compare to Auto gives a negligent benifit offencively compare to the defensive gain of using the "auto". It might also be similare with support without having tested that as of yet.
What this tell me is that you should strive to have role compability as much as possible if not for a better offence then atleast for a more solid defence.
more to come on this.....

- Tactical challenges.

Here is the part were it gets tricky!
As a guideline you have 3 slots for tactics. Personally i use all 3 slots with different tactics or tweaks to my main tactic.
One has the AMC put down in centre midtfield to give better cover, and another has a half back to help my duo centerbacks vs double strikers when my wingbacks bomb up the sides.
The thing is that when you start a game your opponent will play against you based on your assumed level of skill. half way through the season your might have delivered so good results that they start trying to not be so overwhelmingly offensive. You might have noticed underdog tactics has a tendency of dropping off a tad, and this is one of the reasons.

I also believe that prediction is your worst enemy so i change roles occasionally and mentality aswell as listen to my assman.
If you have a strong through the middle tactic and the opponent suddenly deploys double DM's or 3 cm's to make your life a bit harder, simply play around them and watch them run like ants around exhausting themselves while you peel on the pressure.

EDIT: A lot of populare tactics use 2IF and an AMC behind a striker, what i find with this formation is that they can be VERY nice to tweak when you need to change things or get a red card.
If you get a red card with this formation always always take off the AMC slot and make sure your IF's are set to "more narrow" This will help minimize the open space in the centre and make it easier to find passes for your teamates in that area. it also has the benifit of creating more space for your fullbacks/Wingbacks and ma yalso be implemented when you need to do a small tweak to get that final goal.

It's always worth to spend an extra minute to spot strenghts and weaknesses on your opponent before the game kicks off.

It's late now but i can keep this post up to dated with my tips as i encounter new things.

Just don't give up! Remember, to become the next legend you have to accept failure on the way. with experience comes results, that i can guarantee!

Best of luck lads and gals :)

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Nov 27, 2009
UPDATED (06.12.18)

Small Changes added to Tactical challenges aswell as added section for Roles.