Title race is not over - Mourinho

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Aug 23, 2006
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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho insists the Premiership title race is not over after the Blues fall eight points behind Man Utd.

Sounded like a Keeganism to me. I'ts not over. Great to see this self proclaimed "best team in Europe" struggling for however long it is. Long may it continue.
Struggling? OUt of 16 games, they've won 11, drew 3 and lost 2. If they win their game in hand the nearest team behind them will be 11 points adrift. And theyve only conceded 9 goals. A lot of teams would love to struggle like that.
Man Utd are on an excellent run, but even Ferguson will admit that every team has a blip during the season. Theres is still to come. The race IS far from over........
They are not a lot of teams. No other team has spent the money they did on wages and fees and "golden handcuffing" their players like Chelsea have.

Struggling. = 5 points off the top with all the money they spent over the summer and the so called "exceptional squad with unlimited depths". Lampard was going prove he is England's best midfielder, Shevchencko was too good to fail, Ballack would be this, that and tother. In a half the season they have
proven very little. Self proclaimed and media hyped. Even now some parts of the media are saying Chelsea will win the title because "they are just too good". As if they are some unbeatable fortress. It stinks and I hate.

So anyone who believes that squads are built and not bought are gonna gloat at even the smallest blip. I am enjoying and hope it continues.

Not built like the Man U side of the 90's and 0's, the Arsenal and Ipswich sides of the 80's or the real dominant side (a true dynasty) the Liverpool sides of the 70's. It's a money orientated quick fix bought side without budget and I hate the principle. And I did not say the race was over, although I hope it is, naturally. (I said It was not over)