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Nov 19, 2010
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So I am wondering what in fudges name is going on.
I'm playing as New Quay, a Division 6 team in the Welsh Premiership. However, after basically winning most matches 12 games into a 20 game season. (I drew 2 and lost 2). I have completely changed this team, picked up a whole scroll of new players to make us a team worthy of the Division 1 and have more or less achieved this. We rode the top of the league all season. No debt. Fan confidence Good. Expectation rating, Good.

Competition rating: Very Poor. ?!? What are you smoking Mr Chairman?

There are no extra cup ties, only the league title and we look to be coasting into promotion, and yet I've started to get ultimatums on each match now. It started against Lampeter (2nd the in the league), we beat them 3 - 0, and now I have another ultimatum for the next game.

What the **** is going on. Is the chairman a cricket supporter?