Apr 22, 2011
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Lets go live to Stamford Bridge in London, where we find our corespondent, David Blaine

"There are big changes happening here at Stamford Bridge, it seems word, from the club, through unnamed sources have pointed out, that Piet de Viser has left the club, we're not sure what this means, but, needless to say, he was an Abramovich insider, and that is news around here"

from twitter
@chelseafc News conference scheduled for 1500 GMT tomorrow to discuss major changes at club

We're getting this from, there seems to be major stirring at Krylia Sovatov Samara, as they have also scheduled a news conference for 1800 GMT, to announce major new investment in the football club, we'll be watching this one very closely.

Let us take you to Stamford Bridge for breaking news. at the Podium Ron Gourlay

"Today is a momentousness day for Chelsea Football Club, as of yesterday morning, Roman Abramovich, through is investment vehicle, Millhouse LLC, has sold all his shares of Chelsea Football Club. Mr Abramovich has decided he wants to invest in other areas, and we thank him for the 13 trophies his chairmenship has brought to the club, and the investment in infrastructural changes and players."

"While, this means, that Chelsea FC will not be spending like we used too, it doesn't mean, that we're going to sink back to the levels we were at, before Mr. Abramaovich invested"

1800 GMT

"Welcome to Metallurg Stadium, we're pleased the press has turned out in force, like they have", "Let me start by saying, that I am very pleased to present, the new Chairman the Professional football club, Krylia Sovetov Samara, Mr. Roman Abramovich"

Mr Abramovich "Thank You for the welcome, I am pleased to take control of the club, and usher in a new era here for the club, we will build a club that everyone can be proud of, and I'd like to start by saying, I've brought with Me Piet de Visar from Chelsea to be my chief scout, and I've Hired Oleg Romantsev-director of football, these 2 fine football men, have the knowledge to help build a world class club here"

"I will also be bringing in new shirt sponsors, Sibneft have agreed to sponsor our shirt and our stadium, so this is a momentous moment for the club"

Thanks for attending, expect more from us soon

"This is amazing news, let the
José Mourinho to Samara talks begin, we at sky sports have made him 1/3 odds that he'll take the job"
"Thank You everyone for attending this news conference,I'm Oleg Romantsev-director of football

Today, we're proud to announce Carlos Bianchi as the man to take Saratov forward" "Mr. Bianchi is a very talented coach, well regarded, and has an impeccable CV", and with that, He'll take a few questions

Q-You've made a name for yourself in Argentina, how will that translate here?
A-Football is football, what I teach the boys at Boca, I can teach the boys at Saratov

Q-Will you bring attacking football here
A-Yes, we will attack from the opening whistle to the final whistle

Thank You everyone, check out our website and official twitter feed for more updates
Looks interesting,though if you could post some screenshots like the contract you signed and that stuff it would be much more viewer-friendly.
I actually haven't started the career yet, about to tonight, so, when I get all that stuff, I'll post it, thanks for viewing
Thanks for joining us today, as we continue to watch the events unfolding here at Sovatov Samara, today we bring you an exclusive interview with Oleg Romantsev-director of football and Carlos Bianchi, the head man.

Mr Romantsev, do you agree with the pundits who say, that hiring someone like Mr Bianchi, even with his great CV is somewhat of a risk?
"Mr Abramovich and I, were both in agreement on this matter, to help build the Football Club, we needed someone with extensive experience, someone, who, could not only do wonders on the training pitch, but, also understand the way to build a base for a football club. Carlos has this experience, he did amazing things with Boca Juniors and Velez in Argentina, and he is the right man for this job"
"Let me add"says Bianchi"I am very pleased this opportunity presented itself, who wouldn't want to be involved in a project such as this, Mr. Abramovich and Mr.Romantsev have laid out a clear vision for the future, and it looks very bright"

This is all very positive stuff, if that's the case, why sign Mr. Bianchi to a one year contract which expires on 30-6-2013?
"well, we felt, this would give us the most flexibility, and have no doubt, if we have the success that I know Mr. Abramovich feels we should have, then there will be a new contract offer"
from twitter
@saratov we're excited to announce the signing of Edenilson on a 5yr contract

We have our first news of a signing for Kyrija Saratov Samara, Edenilson Andrade dos Santos, better known as "Edenilson" has signed on the dotted line today for Samara director of Footbal
l Oleg Romantsev described Edenilson as an Ideal signing, saying "Edenilson gives us a very talented attacking fullback option, we feel he fits in perfectly with the system that Carlos is instilling at the football club. While he may not be the most well known fullback out there, he is absolutely someone we are very very pleased to bring to Metallurg.
Edenilson stated "I am very pleased this opportunity presented itself, Samara are a football club with big ambitions and big opportunities, and I am very thankful to have this opportunity to come here, and live in this city, and work with Coach Bianchi"

The 22 year old full back joins from Corinthians in the Brazilian league for 38k per week
Pre-season Results

Samara 3 - Samara Reserves 0
Luis Caballero 3 goals

Samara 2-
Botev 0
Kornilenko 2 Goals

Samara 5 -
Dorostol 0
Nemov 2 Goals
Koromon 3 Goals

Samara 3 -
Triglav 1
Propper 1
Carlos Bianchi had this to say to the team's official website
"We're having a good pre-season, seems like the boys are looking dangerous in the final 3rd of the park, they seem hungry to score goals, we've made some signings, which we will be revealing very soon, the fans here, should be very excited, like I am for the future of the football club"
exciting news coming from the Metallurg, more news of signings for Samara

Today's exciting transfer news is, Samara has won the bidding war for Leonard Kweuke, the Big Cameroonian Striker, Samara seemed like long shots, but they have beaten teams the likes of Arsenal, Ajax, Napoli, and several others to secure the signature of the highly sought out and rated striker. Oleg Romantsev-director of football had this to say "Leonard is someone, we valued very highly, he is highly sought out, and his physical skills are immense. He gives us toughness and finishing ability in front of goal, that might be unequaled in the Premier League"
Carlos Bianachi said "Leonard is raring to go, he fits in exactly like we'd want any player too, and the clubs that missed out on his signature will rue the day they didn't sign him"
Samara met his $5 Million dollar release clause, and signed him for 64K a week.
Oleg Romantsev-director of football is pleased to announce 3 more key signings for Samara
"We're pleased to present to each of you, our 3 new signings, the players that are brought here, to push us towards European competition"
"Each one was signed by the club, with the specific intent of building a high quality club that can be pushed forward and have the depth that is necessary to compete for trophies"

The first signing is :
Eduardo Vargas from Napoli "Eduardo is very highly rated, his old club Napoli were reluctant to let him go, knowing the fact that he has star potential, but, Eduardo was keen to join the Samara revolution, we nabbed him for 42 million and 93k a week"
The Second signing is:
Miguel Agudo Duran better known as Nolito "Nolito is a tricky winger, who has trained at Barcelona in his youth, so everyone is aware of his quality, we were able to pry him from his last club, Benfica, for 4.8 Million and 28.5k per week"
The Third Signing is:
Adam Maher from Ajax "Adam is really one for the future, he is a highly rated dutch youngster, who is only 19 years old, so his best years are ahead of him at Samara, being able to lure someone of his quality and age here, no matter the money, is a coup for this club, and something that the fans can be proud of, he was signed for 22 million and will be on a 75k a week contract"



let us go to the Metallurg in Samara for a presser to introduce the 4 new Samara players, making their way to the podium are Oleg Romantsev-director of football and Carlos Bianchi, the man in charge

Q"How do you feel these signing can push the club forward"?
A"Clearly, they all add something to the club, or we wouldn't have signed them, they're all quality players who give us vast attacking abilitities, and should help push us up the table, and towards European competition, which we all know is what the chairman expects"
"We feel, That with each move, that is stragegically made, we're able to push ourselves forward talent wise, clearly, these moves are big financially, but, the chairman and myself worked hard, to make sure we didn't buy expensive players just for the sake of it"

Q "How can singing 4 players so close together not cause trouble for the club?"
A" Well, as your aware, we're a very ambitious club, and to meet those ambitions, players must be brought in. Singing them together is sort of a fluke, but it does give the team a chance to jell in preseason, which can be very important"

Q: How did you manage to sign Kweuke, even though some in the media laughed it off?
"well, I won't let the media decide who should sign for the club, its our job, Carlos and myself to target the best players, and clearly, Leonard is one of the best at his position, so of course we wanted him, and credit to Leonard for wanting to join the Samara revolution"
Leonard says "I had many options, but Samara seemed like the club that wanted me most, and they are a club on the rise, who wouldn't want to join in on something this dynamic?"

Nolito says "Samara showed they wanted me, and I believed in the vision of the Director and Carlos, they clearly have a plan and are executing it"

Eduardo Vargas says" This is a top quality club, that is clear for all to see, we're building something great, and I'm proud to be a part of this amazing project

Adam Maher says " Clearly, there is some consternation from the Dutch fans, and those at Ajax, but, with the high quality coaching, and the vision of the chairman, the Director, and the Manager, this club, has all the makings of something quiet powerful, and I'm proud to be here, and look forward to winning trophies and plaudits here"
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