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Nov 23, 2012
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Villarreal CF

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Villarreal Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. is a Spanish football club based in Vila-real, a city in the province of Castellón within the Valencian Community. Founded in 1923, it plays in Segunda División, holding home games at El Madrigal, with a capacity for 24,890 spectators.

​ Rivalries:
CD Castellon, Valencia CF

Liga Adelente

Yellow Submarine

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Marcos Senna

Within this First season, my main aim is to get Villarreal back into the Liga BBVA, with the eventual goal being Champions League Success.

The Squad and the Tactics:
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(I Would Usually have Marcos Senna at MC with Bruno and Cani at AMC instead of Moi Gomez)

I am planning to do monthly updates (with the first update being July and August)
If you have any feedback, please leave it, as i am new to this sort of thing.:)

I thought about doing this myself and will be interested to see how you do mate, keep it coming ;)
I thought about doing this myself and will be interested to see how you do mate, keep it coming ;)
Thanks! The update for July/August will be on tomorrow, just finishing off the transfer window :)

Friendly Results

2-1 vs CS Sedan Ardennes A
Perbert, Canteros

2-2 vs Havre AC A
Marcos Senna, Oriol

5-0 vs Calais RUFC A

Bruno, Cani, Jonothan Pereira (3)

4-1 vs Onda A
Canteros, Moi Gomez, Jonothan Pereira, Cani

Overall, i wasn't too impressed by pre-season. I understand that 3 wins and a draw is good, but these were weak teams who i should not be conceding against, with the Calais game the only one with a clean sheet.

League Results

4-1 vs Castilla H
Jonothan Pereira (3), Aquino

3-3 vs Sabadell SAD A
Musacchio, Perbert, O.G

Mixed views. 4-1 vs Castilla is a fantastic result, with Jonothan Pereira grabbing another hat-trick, as we dominated with 3 goals inside the first 18 minutes. The Sabadell game was something else. We destroyed them for the first half, being 3-0 up at the break as a result, but we fell apart in the second half, with me oblivious as to why. But, i'm still undefeated so that's a good thing.

Transfer Window

Don't get excited, it's nothing special. With the squad being as strong as it is, i didn't feel it necessary to improve it, and i didn't have the budget to do so anyway. My wage budget was -£37,500, with my main way to get that down was to sell Ikechukwu Uche, who is a squad player, but the 3rd highest paid at the club by a long way, on £33,500. I even offered him out for £0, but there were still no buyers

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Player of the Month

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Jonathan Pereira
7 Goals and 2 Assists in the 6 games was enough for him to win it over a close second, Cani.

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