Sep 13, 2012
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View attachment 329234Was having a search around and came across this guy, young croatian striker, got a bit of pace and flair on him and hes got an alright scout report of 3 1/2 star, dont know if anyone has any future screen shots of him? i have him a bit through the first season, any future screenshots would be great :) Feedback would be nice!
please use the template or most parts of it when posting a new player :) thanks bud
I'm not very sure, but he could become a player OK for clubs inbetween the National and Continental fame.
I got him for 1.8 mill, needed a work permit though so sent him out on loan, Croatia tend to join the European Union so will he not need the work permit when they do?
Certainly doesn't deserve 40 pounds a week.
He currently deserves around 10,000, and likely 40,000 at his max.
I managed to send him out on loan to gain wok permit, but Croatia joined the European Union so it got scrapped and he can play now, his stats are improving well, finishing and pace has gone up :)