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Nov 27, 2009
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Tony Adams: The Adventure.
In this story I will be taking on the role of Ex-Arsenal Captain Tony Adams. I have the following leagues playable; England, South Korea, Holland, France, Spain.

25th January 2010

As I was just sitting down I received a phone call from a man called Heo Chang-Seo, I was not familiar with this name so asked who he was. He told me he was chairman of a team from South Korea, FC Seoul and wondered if I would be interested in managing his team following the departure of Eduardo Vingada. At first I was very apprehensive about this and told him that i would get back to him. Me managing a team in South Korea? Cor that would be abit different from ole Portsmouth. I needed some advice so I decided to give my old manager Arsene Wenger a call. I explained the situation to him and he told me “Tony maybe this is what you need managing in a different country without all the pressure and FC Seoul are a big club, I had a similar experience managing in Japan for a year and it really did help. I recommend you take this opportunity as these opportunities do not come along often and it could lead to bigger and better things” After that phone call i called back Mr Chang-Seo and told him that i would be delighted to accept his offer to manage FC Seoul. So there it was I’m back in football management with FC Seoul.

27th January 2010

I flew out to Korea yesterday and agreed personal terms today with the chairman and the contract was signed. I was then unveiled to the South Korean press and they asked me a few questions. Nothing important really just the general opening press conference questions like are you happy to be here etc etc. The Korean season has yet to get underway and I need to get an idea of my team. No one’s really interested in joining my staff at the moment and the staff here aren’t too bad so I doubt will change them really. After becoming manager today I’ve got a squad friendly to do tomorrow and a few friendly’s to do before the season starts and the transfer windows open so I’ve got to assess weather I think the squad needs strengthening due to the expectations I’ve set. The chairman’s given me a transfer budget of £3.1 Million and a wage budget of 96K P/W and in return I’ve stated that I will challenge for the K-League Title.

Will do a pre-season write-up tomorrow just wanted to get the intro out of the way :) hope you will follow.

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Pre-Season Report:
For FC Seoul I’ve created 3 tactics which I hope will be successful. They are a 4-2-4 , 4-5-1 and a 5-2-1-2 tactic. Im trying to make this team into a good passing team.

FC Seoul Vs Reserves
A good chance for me to see the squad and rotate the players. Dejan Damjanovic is a Serbian striker who looked pretty good and will probably be my first choice striker. We won this game against the reserves 4-0 and looked pretty good.

FC Seoul Vs San Lorenzo
I deployed the 5-2-1-2 tactic and we looked pretty good. We took the lead through a 5 minute goal from Jung Jo-Kook who impressed throughout the game. In the end we lost this game 2-1 but it was a good performance.

Transfer News: I’ve has made my first signing at FC Seoul and that is 24 year old Korean right winger Lee Seung-Hyun for £1 Million Pounds. I feel we was short in the winger areas and he’s the right signing for the club.

FC Seoul Vs DInamo
Went with the 4-2-4 tactic in this game and we won 4-1.
Qingdao Vs FC Seoul
We dominated this came using the 4-2-4 and came out 6-0 winners. Jung Da-Hwon scored a hatrick from AML.

Transfer News: Ive informed Adilson that he can leave as we have too many foreign players in our squad and also terminated Brazilian striker Limas loan. Along with this ive managed to convince Turkish international Yildiray Basturk to sign for us.

The rest of preseason results:
Henan 3-1FC Seoul
FC Seoul 1-1 Beijing
Jiangsu 3-4 FC Seoul

Pre season summary: Pre-seasons gone fairly well and served its purpose of getting match fitness and helping me understand the team. The most disappointing was losing to Henan as I don’t even know who they are. Then again I don’t know who any of these teams are really. Tomorrow we’ve got our first game of the season away against Daejeon.

Next Update will be later on after the first few games of the season.
Daejeon Vs Fc Seoul 0-3
First game of the season and i decided to go with the 4-5-1 tactic since we were away. Overall the game we dominated and came away convincing winners. Midfielder Ko Myung-Jin gave us the lead. Damjanovic then added with a good shot after 41 minutes. Full back Kim Chi-Woo then completed the scoring on 52 minutes. Good win for us.

Gangwon Vs FC Seoul 0-1
Went with the 4-5-1 tactic again. A tough game with the dead lock being broken by captain centre back Park Yong-Ho after 50 minutes. Il take the win.

FC Seoul Vs Jeonbuk 2-3
A big game against the current K-League champions. For this game i decided to go with 4-2-4 tactic. We had an appalling start going 3-0 down and at half time i had some strong words. In the end we should have got something out of the game and on our 2nd half performance we deserved to. But oh well that’s football. Damjanovic scored an absolute beauty though from about 35 yards straight in the top corner.

FC Seoul Vs Pohang Steelers 3-0
It was important to bounce back with a win and we did that in some style against fellow k-league contenders Pohang Steelers. I stuck with the 4-2-4 formation. Lee Seung-Hyun was the pick of the players scoring 2 goals.

FC Seoul Vs Suwon 3-3
What a game that was. Went with 4-2-4 again and we took the lead through damjanovic he scored a penalty. We then went 2-1 down but in the 86 minute damjanovic scored to equalize, in the 92nd minute we scored again through Lee Seung-Ryul but in the 95th minute their striker scored his 3rd goal to equalize. What a game.

After the first 5 games im pleased where we are in the league and i believe we will able to stay right up there till the end of the season.
Daegu Vs FC Seoul 2-3
We went 3-0 up but they got 2 back, our centre back Kim Jin-Kyoo got sent off which was disappointing but at least we won.

FC Seoul Vs Ulsan 2-0
Important game early on in the season, Ulsan are the early pacesetters in the league. A good win for us, Captain Park Yong-Ho gave us the lead and then Choi Tae-Wook sealed it.

Park Yong-Ho is the captain and has really impressed in the first few games of the season.

Gyeongnam Vs FC Seoul 0-3
A simple routine win again. Park Yong-Ho scored again really impressed with him especially hes managed to get goals from corners and been solid defensively.

Busan Vs FC Seoul 1-0
A disappointing loss considering our recent form. We never really got going in the game.

FC Seoul Vs Seongnam 1-0
We just scraped by. Got a player sent off and conceded a penalty but they stuck it wide.

Incheon Vs FC Seoul 1-1
Struggled in this game, went 1-0 down and equalised late on. Striker Jung Jo-Kook picked up a bad injury a torn calf and is out for 4-5 months which is disappointing as hes an important player. Ill look to bring in reinforcements when the july window opens.

We now have a break from the K-League as we have the Korean league cup coming up.

Heres the league table currently