Apr 10, 2010
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Okey, so I have started a new game with me as manager for all premier league teams. It all worked fine but when I were to play the first matches(friendly) with all the teams at the same time the game crashes. The two first games works fine but the third always crashes (tested three times). So can this be becaus its too many teams or what? Does anyone else got any experience. The game never crashed before. The text says Football manager has stopt working. I dont think the other threads covers this. I have a face, logo and kit packs but as I said, the game has never crashed before. Thank u for any answers and sorry for my bad english.
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Cuz it fun :p
I also waiting for a new patch so I can start a new serious game. I deleted my last :'(
So u would only play 1 season a year? Seems like a waste of time to me...
A fun waste of time

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So, does anyone got an answer, except for malicious comments???
I can't play matches with three teams at the same time, two works fine but the third one never starts. Have anyone got any ideas why?