Nov 19, 2008
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Hi, I have found myself stuck in a bit of a quandary recently, where my teams reputation is too low to take advantage of my large transfer funds. I believe I am in the 6th season and I'm currently managing Lyon after spells with Hoffenheim and As Saint-Etienne. Now Lyon's youth team is ridiculously amazing and has been the source of my new additions to the team. Where this has become a problem is the youth players are so good, there are no players who would come to me who would actually ever improve my side, unless I buy more youth. The problem that I have with that is my youth team already contains about 90 players (no exaggeration, that is how many youth contracts I have been buying up).

Too long didnt read version: My youth team is huge and immensely talented, and my first team squad cannot be improved by players that are willing to sign for me. What do i do with my transfer funds?

Oh btw, this is a problem because Lyon gave me an additional £30m in january after I changed my expectations from title challenge to winner, and with player sales this means I am sitting on £58m in january with no one to buy.

Advice is appreciated :)

Edit: Is there any benefit in FM13 of not spending your transfer budget? I don't really need to save any money as winning Ligue 1 more than covers all of my outgoings.

1- You have way to many kids playing for you, they will never develop into the kind of player their PA says they should get to. Keep the absolute best of them then loan or sell the rest 75% of the rest at least, no point having that many there......

2- If your winning, why buy players when you have such a good crop of kids coming through???? Your situation is what every club in the world strives to have.... That is what the business side of football is all about.

3- Save the money, throw all money to wages ( i've heard that it help gain intrest)
I actually do have pretty much all of my youth team on loan (at least anyone who will go to a ligue 2 club at least as I don't see the point in loaning to a lower level than that).

I have that many youth players as If I have say £6m in my budget left in feb, then i spend it on buy-out clauses, loan them out until they turn 21, sell them if they are not good enough, profit.

I haven't been in this situation much before, at least not until something like my 6th season in charge of someone like Spurs. The Lyon youth intake is just so good that I have 18 years olds in my first 11 that make Schneiderlin and Nainggolan of PSG (in my current save) look like sunday league players.

I suppose I will just buy no-one then really. I'm just waiting around to receive a job offer from someone else atm as that is the rule of my save :p Stay at a club until another club offers me a job and always accept the job offer, unless i get sacked.
You have any screen shots of the players????
Annoyingly the print screen option in fm will only export as a text file, and when i hit print screen on my laptop it takes a picture of behind my fm screen for some reason :s
People shouldn't feel that every transfer budget has to be spent else its some kind of a failure; the more money you have in the bank the better, save it! Build up a nice bank balance and then one day something big like a new stadium might be built, or when you are in dreamland for reputation, titles and achievements you can buy that ludicrously priced world number 1 star currently sitting in Barcelona's team, Real Madrid, Man U or some other giant. The goal of all manager's beside the obvious win everything possible should be to make the club turn a profit and ensure they are completely financially secure.