Tool Camp (E4)

Dec 26, 2010
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OK, so I have seen the advert for this new TV series and looks like a real laugh. Apparently it has been on in the US for a few years now, and am wondering whether it is worth watching?
Steve was dating Jane, but they broke up and now cheap Charmed he's with Susan. Susan was sleeping with Patrick, but now she's dating Steve, complete seasons of Supernatural and Jane and Sally want Patrick. That leaves poor Hawaii Five O dvd complete Jeff, who pretty much wants any woman, but no one wants Chuck 1-3 series season him. All 6 are friends, and that makes for some great comedy, and awkward situations.

Described as "the best bits of Friends, Seinfeld and *** and the Married with Children 1-11 seasons complete City", I could see pieces of each Entourage collection boxset 1-6 show, but at the same time Coupling Grey's Anatomy dvd 1-6 series isn't simply Friends complete set rehashed stories. The situations buy The Big Bang Theory cheap the characters get into are ones we've either been in, Californication complete dvd collection or want to be in. Much like Seinfeld, there were Friends box set 1-10 seasons a lot of situations in Coupling that I had experienced, or had friends that Californication complete box set 1-3 had. A scene in the episode Frasier 1-11 boxset collection "***, Death and 24 hours series 1-8 complete Nudity" almost had me rolling on the floor laughing; if you watch the DVD I'm sure you'll know which one. I was a bit annoyed by the studio audience laughing, but after a few minutes I was used to it and accepted it as part of the show.


Shot with a Seinfeld collection set 1-9 mix of film (outside shots) and video (inside shots), the DVD is presented in Anamorphic Widescreen. There are some scenes that contain a bit of grain, such Eureka 1-4 collection set as the Angel series box set 1-5 outside shots of Steve's place in "***, purchase Seinfeld season 1-9 Death and Nudity", but they are few and far between since most of the show is video. The colors are vibrant, but the separation of the black suits in "***, Death and Nudity" could be better.

There are 6 chapters for each episode, including one places after the opening so you Eureka box set 1-4 season can skip right to the show.


A dialog driven show like Coupling contains an audio track that focuses on the center channel so it's usually unspectacular compared to Sc-Fi shows, but suitable for the show's content. With Coupling we have a Criminal Minds dvd 1-5 box set Stereo Surround track, but the left, right Sanctuary collection box set and rear speakers are only used for the audience laughter and a few songs. There aren't any The Office complete boxset 1-6 subtitles, but the DVD is closed captioned.


Behind the scenes interviews (19:42)
Interviews with Gossip Girl 1-3 seasons box set the cast, creator/writer and producer of the series. The sections covered are: "The Characters," "Would I Hang Out With Me," "The Personal Ads: Men Seeking Women," "The Personal Ads: Women Seeking Men," "Creating Coupling," "What Makes Coupling Great," "My Favorite Everybody Loves Raymond complete season 1-9 Episode" and "Life Before Coupling"

The Photo Shoot (3:22)
Just some video of a photographer snapping pictures Cold Case season boxset 1-7 of the Robin Hood complete 1-3 cast. The opening of this has some of the worst compression The Tudors complete 1-4 set I've ever seen on a DVD. Thankfully it's only an extra!

Cast Bios
Jack Davenport (Steve), Gina Bellman Two and a Half Men 1-7 boxset (Jane), Sarah Alexander (Susan), Kate Isitt (Sally), Ben Miles (Patrick), Richard Coyle (Jeff), Steven Moffat (Writer), Sue Vertue (Producer) and Martin Dennis (Director) each have 2 screens about them while Beryl Vertue (Executive Arrested Development series 1-3 set Producer) has 3.

BBC America (0:34), French & Saunders (1:18), Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1-7 series collection Father Ted (1:03), The Blue Planet (0:43) and Walking with Dinosaurs (1:34)


Sometimes British TV shows drive me Burn Notice series set crazy, not because DeadWood complete 1-3 dvd they're bad, but because they have such short Family Guy complete box set seasons! I get completely hooked on a show, then BAM, it's over! Hopefully the BBC will roll the second season out ASAP (it's available overseas already) so I can continue to enjoy the exploits of Steve, Susan, Sally, Patrick, Jeff and Jane.

This show is being "Americanized" and should show up on one of the networks in the fall (assuming it's picked up). While I think Grey's Anatomy collection dvd 1-6 it could mean a lot more people become Charmed set dvd familiar with the DeadWood dvd set show, I think I'll stick to the original. This *** and the City season dvd 1-6 DVD set is cheap and provides a few purchase Star Trek The Original hours of laughter. I strongly Mad Men 1-4 seasons recommend it if you enjoy Friends or *** and The City, or you Married with Children boxset 1-11 just love a great British comedy.

Note to Bones boxset series 1-5 BBC America: Bring on the second season!
Ive got an episode recorded on my Sky, yet to watch it though!