top 5 movies that you own


Jan 10, 2006
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look we have had a music one, so maybe we shud have a movie one

in no perticular order

Shaun of the dead
happy gilmore
bruce almighty

i dont own many dvd's lol
X-Men trilogy (count it as 1:D)
Bad Santa
Fast & Furious trilogy
Football Factory
3rd FnFurious was a bit pants. first 2 were good.
3rd FnFurious was a bit pants.

The best part was the last ten seconds with Vin Diesel.

1. Rain Man.
2. Stand by me.
3. Saving Private Ryan.
4. The Shawshank Redemption.
5. ******.
Top movies I have on DVD (or VHS) are....

  • Battle Royale
  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • Spirited Away
  • City of God
  • Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
actaully i own spirited away, muahaha, or hav i got it? iam sure i do.
An American Werewolf In London
Dawn Of The Dead
The Exorcist

Is hard.

Team America
Napoleon Dynamite (though i hated it at first)
Black Hawk Down
Harold and Kumar

(No Particular Order)
ye same with i hated napoleon dynamite at 1st, i thought the bit where he dances to whole school was funny.

also i think coach carter is good
mine are:
Big Daddy (Adam Sandler)
Deuce Biggalow (Rob Schneider (count them both as 1))
Little Nicky (Adam Sandler)
Waterboy (Adam Sandler)
and Team America (Puppet man :D)
well may aswel contribute to the fm base society..............

1) Pulp Fiction
2) Sin City
3) Collateral
4) Airplane :p
5) The Green Mile
I own very few films but here are my top 5 (if i have 5):

Team America: World Police
Anti-flag Death of a nation dvd(if that counts lol)
Al's Lads
Walking Tall

eww i own one same movie as redders, that movie is going in the trash.
can't think of any others...
These are my top films i own on dvd and probably none would get into my top 10 all time.
Ummm hard....

No real order:
Infernal Affairs Trilogy (Hong Kong)
Lucky Number Slevin
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Runaway Jury
Man On Fire
Lost In Time (Hong Kong)

Similarly to Redders not many of these films feature in top 10...
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as if you own harold and kumar on dvd its ****** awful

rofl well i own it, but its not mine, i stole my brothers dvd and brought it to uni so its technically mine.

I thought first time i watched it was great, not the sort of film to watch several times though (like team america)

I should of put LOTR in my top 5, all 3 of them...they would be in top 10 all time.