Top Goalscorer!

Higuains stats here for 3/4 of his first season.
Bendtner is totally ****.
Neil Roberts and Jon Newby did it 4 me in first season as wrexham.
danny haynes from Ipswich was great for me........and Ali Daei was doing well until he got injured for 7 months!!
Dirk Kuyt scores for my liverpool team nearly every game. scored 37 goals for me last year.....he only played 42. absolutely class!
Guys who may or not be worth considering.

Daniel Freidheim Holm
Dhonathon Dos Santos
Nikolic or Vukovnic at Red Star
Nikolai Zigic
Carlos Javier Acuna
Giovanni Sorza
Martin Perezlindo
Jorge Isaac Perlaza
Guys who may or not be worth considering.

Daniel Freidheim Holm
Nikolai Zigic
Giovanni Sorza

These were good on FM06 but i have yet to test on 07 might give them a look next time i am on thanks.
Try Jo - different gear. Also i took i risk on Adebayor and he was quality for me. Also Okaka from Roma aint bad!
Good player, Jo from CSKA Moscow?

Hard to get a wp for him though and ca cost around £9m.
I had no problems getting wp for Jo, i paid 9.5mil for him. He is a must for any prem team!
Hmm i struggled, had him with no wp and he was getting fed up, so i sold, for £1m profit "despite not making one start" :D
no one posted for a while...
Carlos Javier Acuna and Rafael Sobis are class strikers and as you get further into the game a player called Phil Blake plays for Villa is top quality.
oh yeh Sergio Aguero form Atletico but u have to pay loads to get him
Agbonlahor!! at juventus buy him and he bangs in the goals for how young he is, cheap as well
Rodrigo Palacio,Boca Juniors:Dscored 41 goals in 42 games for me in his 1st season i was rangers btw:)cost £25.5m
For my Liverpool, Torres. 118 goals in 174 games
uber bumpage this thread lol, Jan Hesslink is a natural goal scorer on it or lee miller from motherwell