Top Quality Left Footed CB


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Jan 28, 2006
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As the title says Im looking for one of these. Any ideas anyone?
I think there is a wolves player called L nwantanga or something like that. I have blatently spelt that wrong but, i bought him for west ham and he was pretty good, he gets better and better. He is about 18/19 and he is DLC.
Billy Jones ! can play DLC or MC, and his stats start poor but increase rapídly!
Already got him mate. Looking for someone better.....
Train Eduardo Rafinha to be a left back. He is quality, bit pricey though!
He is looking for a CB with a left foot, not a FB. Also Lewin Nyatanga is a Derby player and I think there are better options for Boozad's premiership team.

Edit* Forgot to add my $0.02

Cristian Chivu
Gabriel Milito
Walter Samuel
you all have terrible football knowledge if you dont know a defender from a CL last 16 team